Dancing, the kiss between Vittoria Schisano and Marco steals the show from Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi

Dancing, the kiss between Vittoria Schisano and Marco steals the show from Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi

The challenge comes to life for the competitors of Dancing with the Stars: all eyes are on Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

The fourth episode of Dancing with the Stars surprised us from the very first moments: Milly Carlucci is back on the scene with the most exciting dance challenge of all time and, beyond the amazing performances of the competitors in the competition, the audience has experienced great emotions for the dynamics that are occurring within couples.

Since the debut of this edition, the eyes of viewers have been focused on Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi. The two showed a great feeling already during the first weeks of training, when the broadcast had not yet started to air. And the bond that unites them has intensified over the course of the debut episode, so much so that it has made fans dream who have begun to hope for a nascent love story. However, the idyll was interrupted due to the health problem that struck Raimondo, and which forced him to leave the show.

Last week the dancer was back on track, and it was as if their understanding had not suffered any setbacks. For this reason, the public anxiously awaited their new performance: everyone was aware of the fact that Raimondo and Elisa would have given us the greatest emotion of the evening. But something happened on stage that took the couple's attention away. We are talking about Vittoria Schisano's performance with the dance teacher Marco De Angelis, who were able to really surprise us.

Already in the previous episodes, the actress had expressed her fears in not feeling perfectly at ease with Marco, due to her experience that she has not yet managed to leave completely behind. During the evening, however, Schisano finally broke up: after a sensual paso doble that sparked the applause of those present, Vittoria and her dancer allowed themselves a tender kiss. Touched lips that have been able to excite everyone, even more so for the words that the actress had spoken shortly before.

The appointment with Milly Carlucci's show became even more intense with the arrival in the studio of Sinisa Mihajlovic and his wife Arianna Rapaccioni, dancers for one night. Their solid love relationship has won over many fans, and in unleashing on the dance floor at Dancing with the Stars they once again showed the great understanding that has united them for many years.

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