Dancing, the return of Samuel Peron and the choice of Milly Carlucci's votes: the cult moments of the 5th episode

Milly Carlucci

In the fifth episode of "Dancing with the Stars", Samuel Peron returns to the track alongside Milly Carlucci and Elisa Isoardi reveals the injury

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Exciting performances, but not only: this year Dancing with the Stars is giving many twists, from the "vote question" that prompted Milly Carlucci to intervene, to the return of Samuel Peron, who fought a tough battle against the Coronavirus.

Let's discover the cult moments and the characters of the fifth episode of Dancing with the Stars.

THE VOTING QUESTION – Milly Carlucci has an indissoluble bond with Dancing with the Stars. The show is a creature of his that he created, shaped and always defended. For this reason he has great attention to every detail regarding the transmission and is constantly on the front line to make sure everything is in order. It is therefore not surprising that she intervened immediately after discovering the existence of something anomalous in the votes for the play-off between Costantino della Gherardesca and Antonio Catalani. "Our social networks are crazy about the names of the two contenders and who should win – he explained -. Unfortunately, very big irregularities were found on the card of the couple of Antonio Catalani and Tove Villfor. Clearly these votes, which were considered spurious, cannot be accepted by Rai. There is a lot of control so that everything is regular, clean, honest and fair ". Milly then made it clear to the public that she took immediate action to resolve the situation and ensure maximum clarity: "There is a task force that has been created specifically for this situation – she said -. You will vote, but we have a group of people who will do a ballot, like in polling stations, so if there are votes that come from India, Siberia, Bangladesh, all these strange things, these votes will be eliminated. We have to wait a bit for the result ".

THE RETURN OF SAMUEL PERON – In isolation for six weeks after testing positive for Covid-19, Samuel Peron has finally returned to Dancing with the Stars. The dancer should have joined Rosalinda Celentano in this new edition of the show, but Tinna Hoffmann has arrived in her place. In the studio, Samuel appeared enthusiastic. “What a thrill, how nice to see you again. It is wonderful to see you all again – he said -. I did six weeks of isolation, then fortunately these two negative swabs arrived and then they gave me the opportunity to go out ”. Host of the show, Samuel danced with Milly Carlucci as a dancer for one night. “What effect did it have on me to go back to my colleagues? This situation is strange, this social distancing due to Covid – he confessed -. I would have hugged you, kissed you, but there was no such possibility. Seeing the guys again was a great emotion, because we found ourselves in the room immediately, we started working and it was an immediate feeling ”.

THE PAST OF VITTORIA SCHISANO – In the fifth episode of Dancing with the Stars, Vittoria Schisano told new details of her story. After dancing with Marco De Angelis, the dancer answered the questions of the jury. "I happened to have a photo of you and Giuseppe by chance, I found it crazy, it was beautiful," said Guillermo Mariotto. “Oh I know you like Giuseppe – Vittoria replied -. I want to tell you this. When Vittoria tried to peep out, Giuseppe got scared and then he grew a beard, muscles, to escape from Vittoria. Since women always win, here I am. But you want to put between living with a beard and a sequined bodysuit ".

THE FREESTYLE OF ELISA ISOARDI – The couple formed by Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro once again gave great emotions, but also laughter. In fact, the competitors were asked to perform alone on the dance floor and to guess the style. The former host of the Chef's Test danced with a conspicuous bandage on her foot, claiming that it was a freestyle, but in reality it was merengue. "There is no doubt that she was freestyle, because she did as she pleased", commented Raimondo Todaro ironically. Milly Carlucci then clarified the situation to the judges: “Do you see the showy bandage? We are tanned badly, between tendon, ligament and nerve. The foot is really bad. We were waiting to take the painkiller ".

THE THOUGHT OF TULLIO SOLENGHI FOR MASSIMO LOPEZ – Strong emotions after Tullio Solenghi's dance who wanted to dedicate his performance with Maria Ermachkova to his friend Massimo Lopez. The two actors together with Anna Marchesini formed the legendary trio and still have a very strong bond today. “I want to dedicate this dance to my companion in adventure, Massimo Lopez, who is at home with Covid – said Solenghi -. After an initial difficult moment, she is now very well. I wish him to get out of this nightmare soon, like all Italians who are enduring this anguish ”.

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