Dancing with the stars, Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando set the stage on fire

Andrea Iannone e Lucrezia Lando

The show comes alive, with an ever tighter challenge: “Dancing with the stars” gives us new emotions

Dancing with the Stars 2021, the full cast

The sixth episode of Dancing with the stars turned out once again to be a mix of surprises and emotions that left us speechless: now the challenge has come to life, and the competitors are ready to get involved as they had never done before. from now. Milly Carlucci has once again managed to stage a show that really has nothing to envy to any other broadcast.

Dancing, Andrea Iannone surprises everyone

One of the undisputed protagonists of the last appointment of Dancing with the stars is undoubtedly Andrea Iannone. If in the first few episodes he had struggled a bit to get going, also due to a small health problem that had forced him to slow down, now he has shown that he can overcome his limits. The evening opened with a surprise challenge: the contestants had to face a dance based on a song assigned to them live. The motorcyclist faced a truly exceptional feat, on the notes of a lambada.

In the first phase of the challenge, paired with Lucrezia Lando, she showed incredible energy. But it is in the following moments, when she had to dance solo, that all her sensuality came out, literally enchanting the audience (and the jury). So much so that Carolyn Smith has decided to assign him the treasure of 30 points, a huge advantage to continue in the competition. During the evening, Andrea Iannone gave us another emotion. His choreography this time was a nice waltz, romantic and a bit melancholic.

He and Lucrezia undoubtedly have a fascinating complicity, which only a couple of episodes ago was sublimated in a sweet kiss stolen in front of the cameras, at the end of a performance. For some time now there have been rumors of their flirtation, which would have been born right behind the scenes of Dancing with the stars. These rumors have never been confirmed, but there is no doubt that their looks and gestures are a close-knit couple. Once again they set the stage on fire, staging a wonderful performance. And they’ve earned incredible scores.

Dancing with the stars, the surprise challenge

But let’s go back to the surprise challenge for a moment: it was this that brought to light some unexpected skills of the competitors. They all managed to surprise the audience, in one way or another. This was the case with Memo Remigi, who showed he had an enviable sprint (on the other hand he had anticipated it: he would have used the dance floor to show that even at his age you can have fun). And it was also the case of Alvise Rigo, who heated the atmosphere on the notes of Macho Man.

The one who most of all enchanted the jury was however Morgan: with the song Wild Boys, he took Alessandra Tripoli and made her twirl around the studio. Then, left alone, he launched into a physical test that was nothing short of incredible. He’s a whole new Morgan, not just in looks (she cut her rose-colored hair, which is now only a hint of it). And it is a Morgan that we really liked, finally away from controversy.

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