Dancing with the Stars, Elisa Isoardi confesses to Raimondo Todaro

Ballando con le Stelle, Elisa Isoardi si confessa su Raimondo Todaro

Elisa Isoardi talks about her bond with Raimondo Todaro in "Dancing with the stars" and reveals how she feels about him

Elisa Isoardi confesses and reveals her feelings for Raimondo Todaro, her partner in Dancing with the Stars. The presenter is one of the great protagonists of Milly Carlucci's show and from the very first episodes she showed a strong feeling with the dancer. So much so that many are convinced that love was born between the two. Elisa has been single for some time, after the farewell to Matteo Salvini, now linked to Francesca Verdini, and to Alessandro Di Paolo. Raimondo instead put an end to his marriage with Francesca Tocca, Amici's dancer, after more than ten years of union and a daughter.

“I'm single and serene – Isoardi told the weekly Oggi -. I am focused on work and not looking for a partner at all costs. In love I am not satisfied – he added -, I am quite demanding, it will be for the height and for the independent temper … this is still scary in 2020 ″. Always sincere and direct Elisa also spoke of her relationship with Raimondo Todaro born in Dancing with the Stars: “He is an exceptional boy and also the tender father of a little girl, Jasmine – she clarified, revealing what she feels for him -. There is clear complicity between us and we want each other's good ".

No flirtation, therefore, but a friendship that, once Milly Carlucci's program is over, could turn into something more: "From a man I expect honesty, truth, a desire to share – clarified the presenter -. Instinct is needed to spark the spark, but to make a love grow you need heart, trust, but also a lot of head. Without all this I am alone ”.

The last few months have been very special for Isoardi, not only for the health emergency and the lockdown. In fact, the presenter faced the closure of the Chef's Test, the program she had led after Antonella Clerici's farewell. The arrival at Dancing with the Stars marked a turning point in the presenter's career: "This Elisa is unprecedented for me too, before the audience – she revealed -. Day after day, through the dance, I become familiar with my body. I discovered aspects of my personality that I didn't even know I had. Now I am also more aware of my femininity ”.

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