Dancing with the Stars, Elisa Isoardi injured her foot: "I don't know how I'll do it"

New complications in "Dancing with the Stars": Elisa Isoardi's foot problem has worsened and the presenter comes out on crutches from a visit

New problems in Dancing with the Stars after Elisa Isoardi's injury. The contestant revealed on Instagram that the condition of her right foot has deteriorated, explaining that she doesn't know how she will perform on Saturday. Isoardi has published a video on social media in which Raimondo Todaro accompanies her to a medical examination. In the clip Elisa is on crutches and visibly tried, despite the dancer trying in every way to raise her spirits.

In the last episode of Dancing with the Stars, Isoardi had shown a bandage on her right foot in front of the audience, claiming to have problems "between tendon, ligament and nerve". After her condition worsened, the presenter went to the clinic to carry out new checks. “Hi guys, first of all thanks to everyone for your interest – he wrote on Instagram – unfortunately this morning I couldn't even rest my ankle on the ground so I had to go back to the doctor… result? Zinc bandage, crutches and rest … as you can imagine the mood is not the best now and I don't know what will happen on Saturday … I don't give up, but you continue to be close to me as always ".

In the video, Elisa does not hide her sadness, while Raimondo consoles her, trying to make her smile and looking for solutions to the problem. In fact, Isoardi fears that she will not be able to perform in the next episode of Milly Carlucci's show. “You don't know how much it gnaws at me, we also lacked the plaster – she says in the film, while the doctor visits her -. I had never had a cast, thanks to Dancing with the Stars! I don't know how I'll do it on Saturday ”. Next to her Todaro, who never leaves her, kissing her, hugging her and trying to give her courage: “At most you will stay still for one shift, like I did”, he explains. At the end of the medical check, the host announced that she will be forced to give one injection a day, hoping to improve in view of Saturday's episode.

Elisa Isoardi's is yet another injury that affects the cast of Dancing with the Stars. A few weeks ago Raimondo Todaro was hospitalized due to appendicitis and was forced to skip an episode. Problems also for Rosalinda Celentano and Alessandra Mussolini, between falls and leg pains. The hope is that Isoardi, just like the other competitors, will be able to overcome this difficult moment, getting back on track.

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