Dancing with the Stars, Elisa Isoardi lost weight thanks to dance

"Dancing with the Stars" is a success for Elisa Isoardi who reveals that she has also lost weight thanks to dance

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Dancing with the Stars not only gave Elisa Isoardi a smile, but also a new physical form. The presenter revealed that she had lost weight thanks to dance and daily training with Raimondo Todaro, her partner in the show. Interviewed by the weekly Gente, the former host of the Chef's Test revealed that she has lost four kilos since the show began.

“Day after day, through the dance, I am becoming familiar with my body – confessed the 37-year-old -. I'm getting to know its potential, its flexibility, its hold after hours of training. And, since I have been training, I have also lost four kilos! ”. The call from Milly Carlucci marked a turning point in Elisa's career who started a new television journey after leaving La Prova del Cuoco.

On the Rai Uno show, one episode after another, Isoardi enchanted everyone, proving to be an excellent dancer. Also thanks to Raimondo Todaro, the teacher chosen for her by Milly Carlucci, who was able to give her courage and immediately create an excellent feeling. The 33-year-old dancer has recently closed his love story with Francesca Tocca, mother of his daughter Jasmine. Today he is ready to love again and many hope that the agreement on the dance floor with Elisa Isoardi can continue in private life as well. The presenter lived an intense love affair with Matteo Salvini (currently linked to Francesca Verdini), later had a brief flirtation with Alessandro Di Paolo.

“We have known each other for some time, because I often invited him and others from the cast of Ballando to the programs I conducted – said Elisa, speaking of Todaro -. He is a great boy, a great teacher and he is also the sweet dad of a little girl, Jasmine. Between us there is clear complicity, esteem and we love each other: we want each other's good ".

"I'm single. And serene – clarified the presenter who now wants to dedicate herself only to her adventure in Dancing with the Stars -. I am focused on work and not looking for a partner at all costs. In love I am not a woman who is satisfied, on the contrary I am quite demanding. I love deeply, in an all-encompassing way. I don't know how to give myself halfway, and above all, I don't know how to love to pretend, to fill a void ”.

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