Dancing with the stars, Iannone and Lucrezia like Isoardi and Todaro: the suspicious feeling

Iannone Lucrezia

The motorcyclist and the dancer show that they have a particular understanding and there are many who believe that there is something more underneath

Dancing with the Stars 2021, the full cast

Dancing with the Stars is not just a dance program. Milly Carlucci’s show keeps millions of viewers glued to the screen because inside there is a bit of everything, from fights to sacrifice to gossip. And even this edition is not far behind, on the contrary.

Only one episode has passed since the beginning of the program, but the first rumors about the relationships between the masters and their famous students are already beginning to leak, something that is repeated every year with different couples.

Do Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando have a flirt? The suspects

In recent days, the weekly Gente had published photos in which Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando (here we explain who she is) had been pinched together outside the context of the program. Beautiful, accomplices and sensual, they immediately established a nice bond even in front of the cameras and – it seems – even when the spotlights are off. The two at the moment have not expressed any opinion with respect to the rumors that concern them, nor have they made particular appreciations on each other. But there is a but.

Iannone and Lando like Isoardi and Todaro

To insinuate the doubt that the beautiful relationship between the two has been accentuated to attract interest in the transmission is Dagospia, who as always wanted to tease with one of his backstories.

“Around the Foro Italico we are celebrating for the excellent debut of Dancing with the stars which reached 24% of the share at the premiere. Do you remember last year the fake love story between Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi? Rumor has it that this year it may be the turn of the couple formed by Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando, alleged flirting already pushed and chatted with ambiguous photos published by the weekly Gente ”, we read on Roberto D’Agostino’s website.

Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro, a story that ended in nothing

The reference is to the alleged liason between Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi that the last edition of the program had held the bench for several weeks, just enough time to create a bit of curiosity about the broadcast. The two, in fact, seemed to flirt blatantly and disseminated clues that seemed to confirm their relationship, only to then move away once the show was over, in which, among other things, they were given as favorites. Now Raimondo consoles himself with his ex-girlfriend and with the role of coach to Amici. A “betrayal” that Milly Carlucci has not yet digested, given the arrow launched in the first episode.

Dancing with the stars 2021, the rumors of Morgan’s abandonment

Meanwhile, we continue to talk about the possible farewell to Morgan’s program after the third episode, expected – it is said – by contract, due to the too expensive fee. Rumors that had been categorically denied by Milly Carlucci herself at the press conference. “They say I’m only going to be three episodes that I can’t make it, but are we kidding? If you say that Morgan is crazy, unreliable, rambling and unmanageable, in my opinion, the limit towards me has been exceeded ”. Closed speech, at least for now.

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