Dancing with the Stars, Milly Carlucci: "It will be a memorable edition"

Dancing with the Stars, Milly Carlucci: "It will be a memorable edition"

Milly Carlucci is ready to return with Dancing with the Stars: despite the slowdowns she wants to give a memorable edition

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Dancing with the Stars does not stop: despite the unforeseen events and slowdowns due to the Coronavirus, it would seem that the program conducted by Milly Carlucci will go on air anyway, even if there is still no precise date.

The dance teacher Samuel Peron and the competitor Daniele Scardina – who went to Sardinia – tested positive, postponing the start of the show again, scheduled for 12 September. The presenter wanted to clarify the situation in a long interview with the weekly Oggi, demonstrating great tenacity and determination for this adventure:

Never in the history of television has a program been so troubled, forced to a swing of starts and stops. We are experiencing a soap opera. But we go forward, always with respect for the precautions and health of everyone, to offer the public a memorable edition of Dancing with the Stars.

Milly Carlucci in her interview assured that Peron and Scardina are fine: the two are in isolation, asymptomatic results. In the meantime, training is blocked, but the other competitors can't wait to get on stage, charged and more combative than ever, just like the host:

I'm pulling out my nails and all my passion and determination to react and put on the best possible show. The public is close to us, cheering for us, has been waiting for us since March. Gratitude is infinite. Now the challenge is to build a show that lives up to expectations in a short time.

The presenter explained that at the moment the rehearsals are paused, as well as the preparations, music and graphics. But enthusiasm is certainly not lacking: alternative solutions are being considered, such as replacing Samuel with another teacher, or joining Scardina's program at a later time, with a play-off with Anastasia Kuzmina.

Obviously in the show the rules will be respected to ensure the health of the whole cast: the judges will be spaced from each other with a plexiglass barrier, and the audience will not be present in the studio, even if there are connections to recreate the emotional participation necessary in such a program.

Waiting for further developments, the expectation of viewers is growing more and more, who are looking forward to witnessing the challenges of their favorites.

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