Dancing with the Stars, Raimondo Todaro leaves: "Grateful to Milly Carlucci"

Raimondo Todaro

Todaro is one of the top dancers on the program but has decided to continue his career elsewhere, with other projects

Raimondo Todaro, who is the alleged new flame Sara Arfaoui

All good things have an end. They are beautiful for this. And this is how Raimondo Todaro decided to end his long experience in Dancing With The Stars, which saw him as a protagonist for 16 years. The Sicilian dancer had made his debut just of age and with a victory, snatched thanks to the talent and elegance of former Miss Italy Cristina Chiabotto.

A painful decision, of course, but which became necessary at a time in his career when he wishes to undertake new projects. His presence will be lacking, but it is also right to renew oneself and face new challenges, especially after the many years spent in the same role.

The announcement came directly from the social channels of Raimondo Todaro, who wanted to explain in person the reasons that led him to this painful but necessary farewell to give a new boost to his career as a dancer, so far always brilliant:

“Since 17 September 2005 my life, my growth, and my dedication are linked to a big family, that of Dancing With The Stars and above all Milly Carlucci. At the time I was just of age, and today I feel I have to thank all of them for what they taught me and allowed me to discover ".

And he adds:

"But, as often happens in families, a child develops the idea of ​​wanting to experiment and seek out new stimuli. And it is for this reason that I decided to leave this path and try new challenges, aware and grateful for the tools that Ballando and Milly gave me. I wish my colleagues a big good luck and I will enjoy the show from home cheering for each of them ".

Among the most combative and competitive of the team of Ballando masters, Raimondo Todaro has won the cup five times (Cristina Chiabotto, Fiona May, Giusy Versace, Veronica Oliver and Elisa Di Francisca) and not only on the dance floor. His charisma, combined with talent and passion for dance, have shaped the VIPs he has kept in the rehearsal room all these years.

However, the 2020 edition was quite complicated. The incredible feeling with Elisa Isoardi was not enough to get on the top step of the podium, despite the great affection of the public and the difficult path made up of so many injuries and an appendix operation to which Todaro underwent.

This opens up a new job perspective for the dancer, who could also decide to switch to the competition to find new stimuli. However, it seems certain that he intends to continue to deal with dance on TV, as he has done since his debut in Ballando.

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