Dancing with the Stars, Samanta Togni talks about her future. And reveal what he thinks of the program

Ballando con le Stelle, Samanta Togni parla del suo futuro. E rivela cosa pensa del programma

The dancer from Terni confided in her Instagram followers talking about Carlucci's dance show and the new television challenge that awaits her

Samanta Togni is experiencing a special moment to say the least: the ex-teacher of Dancing with the Stars, very happy next to her husband Mario Russo, will be Giancarlo Magalli's travel companion in the I Fatti Vostri studio.

During a Q&A session with her Instagram followers, the splendid Umbrian, who blew out 39 candles a few months ago, confided in the challenge that awaits her, calling herself "super super happy with this beautiful adventure" and saying she is ready to put all the sacrifice, commitment and dedication into it.

Samanta Togni, who is in Dubai in these days to be close to her cosmetic surgeon husband and who is planning a holiday in Italy in a mountain resort with him, also focused on the program that made her known and loved by audience: Dancing with the Stars.

“Hi Samanta, will we never see you again at Dancing? You are beautiful and I see you happy ": to this question, the Terni dancer replied that she will definitely watch the dance show conducted by Milly Carlucci and that it will be strange to see everything from outside.

"I will watch my friends and colleagues with great curiosity and I want to make a big good luck to everyone right now": these are the words of Samanta Togni who, always during the chat with Instagram followers, revealed that her husband he has changed contracts and will work much more in Italy from September.

Fans have asked Togni a lot of questions, for example asking her if she and Mario Russo – who intervened in the Q&A session with a tender question – are planning to expand the family.

To this question, Samanta Togni replied that she has a son – Edoardo, who will attend university in Bologna – and Mario Russo three and that "they already compete enough with the Cesaroni".

Radiant, serene and ready to write a new and very important page of her career, Togni also touched on other topics, also hinting at the pregnancy of her colleague Alessandra Tripoli, who is expecting her first child, a boy, from her partner Luca Urso. Samanta Togni said she was moved when the Palermitan dancer broke the news.

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