Dancing with the Stars, Samuel Peron is healed: Rosalind faced with a choice


Samuel Peron is ready to get back on track, but leaves Rosalinda Celentano the choice

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

Finally good news arrives, in Dancing with the Stars: after weeks spent in isolation, Samuel Peron is healed and can get back on track. However, we do not know when we will actually see him again on TV, since it will be Rosalinda Celentano who will have to make an important choice, from this point of view.

The new edition of Dancing with the Stars started in a decidedly surprising way, and certainly not in a positive way. On the one hand, many followed the story of Raimondo Todaro with concern, who just a few hours after the first episode was forced to undergo an emergency operation for appendicitis – among other things with the onset of some complications. But also Samuel Peron's situation has always aroused fears: the dancer, who should have participated in the Rai1 show paired with Rosalinda Celentano, discovered a few weeks after his departure that he was positive for Coronavirus.

Immediately subjected to quarantine, Peron had to give up his participation in the talent show of Milly Carlucci. And when it seemed that everything was finally resolved, yet another positive buffer forced him back into isolation – as well as postponing his return to TV. Now, however, things have changed: a few hours after the third episode of Ballando aired, the dancer made a beautiful announcement on Instagram.

“I'm finally free to go back to my life as always, run, dance, share my time with other people and no longer with the reflection of my image in the mirror” – explained Samuel. "After these 6 weeks of long asymptomatic isolation, my thoughts go out to all those people who have spent quarantine and isolation in intensive care, and I realize that my difficulties have been nothing but a speck in the eye!". But when can we see him again in Dancing with the Stars?

A clue in this regard comes from the words of Samuel Peron, who just before discovering that he was healed gave an interview to the weekly DiPiù. Addressing the subject of his participation in the show, the dancer revealed: "I step aside, that's right. Rosalinda Celentano now has her teacher, from the very beginning of the program, with whom she trains and with whom she is achieving excellent results. I can no longer be a guide for her ”.

In fact, Celentano has been training and performing with Tinna Hoffman for weeks, who took to the track to replace Samuel. The choice would therefore be up to her: Will Rosalind prefer to continue dancing with the teacher who has been following her for some time, or will she make the audience dream by returning to Peron's side? We will surely know more in the next few hours.

samuel peron

Samuel Peron's post – Photo: Instagran

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