Dancing with the Stars, Stefano Oradei confesses to Veera Kinnunen

Stefano Oradei confesses to Veera Kinnunen awaiting the return of Dancing with the Stars

Stefano Oradei, protagonist of Dancing with the Stars, talks about his relationship with Veera Kinnunen after his farewell. The two dancers separated about a year ago, after rumors of a flirtation between Veera and Dani Osvaldo, her dance partner in Milly Carlucci's program. Kinnunen later began a relationship with the former footballer, which ended after intense months. Today, after some time, the exes have found the serenity they were looking for, so much so that Milly has decided to have both in the cast of Dancing.

“I am single and completely focused on myself, on my career and on my students – confessed Stefano Oradei in a long interview withvista -. In fact, when I'm not dancing on TV, I follow a dance academy and among my students there are some who do international tours and therefore give me great satisfaction. I don't feel the need to bond with a woman, but for the future I don't exclude anything. To date I have not felt a particular thrill towards anyone, but I am not "looking". I believe that love happens ".

Stefano revealed that he has created a good relationship with Veera Kinnunen, despite his farewell. In fact, the two will work together at Dancing with the Stars and are determined to guarantee the utmost professionalism to Milly Carlucci. In the past Oradei had claimed to have suffered a lot for the end of the relationship with the dancer, but today he seems to have found the smile again.

“We have a very good working relationship – he clarified -. At Ballando we will work together, as colleagues, with the utmost professionalism as is normal. Of course, the difficulty was there in the first months, because suddenly, after so many years, I found myself having to change my habits, even on a practical level. And if I used to think in the plural, I found myself thinking in the singular. To me. Today I am very far from those days – he concluded -, but I realize that this aspect was fundamental to get to know me intimately, to be strong and feel good. Stories may end, but the important thing is to understand your path. From this story I understood that I had to focus on my needs, on my desires ".

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