Dancing with the Stars, the best and worst of the 2020 edition

Dancing with the Stars, Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro already undisputed protagonists

The best and worst of "Dancing with the Stars", amid controversy, injuries and the strength of Milly Carlucci

Dancing with the Stars, all the contestants chosen by Milly Carlucci

The 2020 edition of Dancing with the Stars has ended, putting a point on one of the most tormented programs of this year. Milly Carlucci's show has overcome numerous adversities: postponed several times due to the health emergency, it has had to deal with injuries, illness and controversy. To triumph in the final were Gilles Rocca and Lucrezia Lando who overtook the super favorites Elisa Isoardi and Raimondo Todaro. Many cult moments, between tops and flops that kept viewers glued to the screen to follow Dancing with the Stars.

Let's find out the best and the worst of this 2020 edition of the Rai show.

THE STRENGTH OF MILLY CARLUCCI – Soul of the program, strong woman and inflexible professional, Milly Carlucci never gave up. Despite the difficulties, the presenter has always moved forward, fighting to keep the “dancing machine” upright. And he did it, reaching a final that did not disappoint expectations and that showed, once again, the strength of a program that does not bore and conquers. In the final Milly did not hide the relief of having managed to make it to the last episode. “I would like to say a word of thanks – said the presenter -. Tonight here with us is Rai, our director, the head of the structure, all the people who have followed this path, often really, really difficult. I have to say thank you – he added – because there were times when we thought we could not go on and it is clear that the problem is not Dancing with the stars. The world and Italy have other problems, but in our small world we have had really difficult crises. My biggest thanks goes to you guys in the trenches. You have resisted day after day. You wore the mask for an impossible number of hours. Not being able to breathe in order to stick to the rules, hoping not to get sick, hoping to be able to get to one more episode ".

THE TEARS OF ALESSANDRA MUSSOLINI – Thanks to Dancing with the Stars, the former politician showed another side of himself and a sensitivity that perhaps few knew. A special bond was born with Maykel Fonts, her dance teacher, carried out one episode after another, during which Alessandra revealed an innate talent for dance. This edition of the show was full of emotions for Mussolini who got excited several times, talking about her family and her love for her husband Mauro Floriani. Tears also for the absence of Maykel Fonts who, after testing positive for Coronavirus, did not participate in the final of the program. Alessandra however faced the race with Samuel Peron and took third place.

THE FEELING BETWEEN RAIMONDO TODARO AND ELISA ISOARDI – The undisputed protagonists of this edition of Dancing with the Stars, Raimondo Todaro and Elisa Isoardi made sparks on the dance floor. Accomplices in front of the cameras and increasingly united away from the dance floor, the presenter and the dancer made the audience dream of Milly Carlucci's show. Their performances, full of passion, have given rise to gossip about an alleged flirtation. The love story was denied, until the last episode when, somehow, Elisa and Raimondo came out into the open. They may not have won by dancing, but they have achieved something more important. “I fall in love because we are beautiful. Point. There is nothing else to say – she admitted -. And the thing is pure. Love is love. It's beautiful. Complicity, loving each other is something extraordinary ". Raimondo also got unbalanced: “Do you want to know who Elisa is for me and who Raimondo is for Elisa? In my opinion we do not know yet either – he confessed -. We will find out. Ours has been a good journey that is not over yet ”.

THE POLEMICS WITH THE JURY – As every year, even in this edition of Dancing with the Stars there was no lack of controversy. The jurors clashed not only with the competitors, but also with the popular jury. Often the discussions, like the one between Mariotto and Rossella Erra, went a little further, but Milly Carlucci has always managed to downsize everything with the elegance that distinguishes her. Even the final was not without controversy. Massimo Lopez in fact harshly criticized the jury of the program for the votes given to his friend Tullio Solenghi. “Tullio moral winner! – wrote the actor – Always penalized by a confused, disordered and absolutely not very loyal jury where Mariotto is the maximum representation! ".

THE REVENGE OF DANIELE SCARDINA – Dancing with the Stars was an opportunity for rebirth for many characters. Among them Daniele Scardina who, fresh from the fight against Coronavirus, the farewell to Diletta Leotta and the death of his beloved grandfather, has found a new energy in the show. The boxer got involved and, after a somewhat shadowy start, emerged. In the episodes, the sportsman talked about himself without filters, showing his frailties, and took a good revenge, even managing to win back his beloved Diletta.

ROSALINDA CELENTANO A SURPRISE – Rosalinda Celentano was a wonderful surprise for the audience of Dancing with the Stars who discovered a new side of the daughter of Adriano and Claudia Mori. The fight against alcohol addiction, inner suffering and sadness: Rosalinda never hid herself and in Milly Carlucci's show she showed her fragile yet incredibly strong soul. Paired with Tinna Hoffmann, he revolutionized the broadcasting schemes, and is undoubtedly one of the moral winners of this edition.

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