Daniela Ferolla, a triumph at the debut of Linea Verde Life


The first episode of Linea Verde Life beats all records and Daniela Ferolla triumphs with her breathing moments

Who is Daniela Ferolla, the host of Linea Verde Life

Daniela Ferolla rekindles the Rai1 weekend. The first episode of Linea Verde Life, which aired on September 19, broke all records compared to last year's edition.

In fact, the broadcast reached almost 16% share, keeping over 2,015,000 viewers glued to the small screen, which is equivalent to 1.6% share and 252,000 spectators more than last September. A real triumph for Linea Verde Life with Daniela Ferolla and Marcello Masi. Great success in particular for the new communicative mission of the presenter in wanting to spread a breather to the Italian public with the aim of taking care of the environment starting from.

La Ferolla had in fact told Ansa: "It will be a season even more devoted to the green, at kilometer zero and with special attention to personal, physical and interior well-being. This year my 'mission' will be to tell viewers how important, and even possible, it is to take care of yourself, to give yourself a breather, even inside our cities, without going too far. I have always been close to certain philosophies, to yoga, but from the lockdown even more. The invitation is to enjoy and make your own all the beauty that we have around us ".

"The first moment of respite", chosen by the beautiful Daniela, was dedicated to kayaking to be practiced in Naples, because, as he explained to Ansa, it is: "a sustainable sport, for everyone, to be practiced in contact with nature. And in Naples, what's more, it can be done admiring the majesty of Vesuvius ”.

La Ferolla thanked the public who showed a lot of appreciation for the new season of Linea Verde Life with a message on her Instagram profile. Along with a splendid photo of her in a bikini, she commented: “The first one went and it went great !!! Yesterday there were many, many, many. I, @marcellomasirai and all the crazy team of #LineaVerdeLife are grateful to you ”. Many rushed to comment, extolling not only the skill but also the beauty of the presenter: "You are a heritage of humanity". And again: “Wonderful. Please don't change! ".

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