David for Lifetime Achievement to Sandra Milo, who at 88 is an inspiration for young people

Sandra Milo

The David di Donatello Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Sandra Milo, an undisputed icon of femininity and Fellini's muse. An inspiration for young people to believe in themselves

Sandra Milo, the story of a diva

The Academy of Italian Cinema awards Sandra Milo with the David di Donatello for Lifetime Achievement. News that Fellini's muse welcomed with great enthusiasm. After all, this is a prestigious recognition, perhaps even a little unexpected for the splendid actress who, despite her rich and incomparable artistic curriculum, has never received many awards.

"Two Silver Ribbons, a Golden Globe. They went to look for them in the box but they disappeared, who knows where they ended up, "he said in an interview with Repubblica released just for the occasion. But Sandra Milo is not a woman who mulls over the past, on the contrary with incredible energy at 88 she turns her thoughts to others, especially to those who in a period like this, marked by the pandemic, are crushed by difficulties and the fear of not do it. The hope is that the David di Donatello ceremony will represent "a moment of rebirth" for cinema and entertainment workers, always in his heart.

Summarizing the greatness of Sandra Milo in a few lines is not an easy task. She who has acted for the greatest Italian directors such as Roberto Rossellini, Gabriele Salvatores, Gabriele Muccino and Pupi Avati, but also for foreign names such as Jean Renoir and Claude Sautet. She who gave shape to a new idea of ​​femininity, acting in the masterpieces of Federico Fellini, described by her as "the absolute genius who seduced everyone for the way he spoke, had a light inside that illuminated". Impossible to forget, then, Antonio Pietrangeli, for whom the actress spent splendid words: "A great artist, perhaps the only one who really knew how to tell women. (…) He was able to tell the female soul like no one".

As told by herself, Sandra Milo has received the splendid news of the David to the career from her daughter. A great emotion that with its proverbial spontaneity and genuineness has not been able to contain, also sharing an announcement on Instagram. Or rather, a dedication to young people who – despite the generation gap – follow it with great affection.

"I want to urge you never to tire of waiting, of always hoping, of enduring pain as an integral part of life, of believing in yourself always and in any case because sooner or later others will notice you, your value and will love you and they will respect you as every person deserves. "

The splendid Sandra is not only a striking example of how much age, after all, does not count at all. How you can live at 88 with the same enthusiasm as a little girl, who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Sandra is an icon of cinema who has never lost the desire to learn and discover the world, who has never allowed herself to be caged in the image of the "dazed blonde", pulverizing a well-rooted stereotype at the time of her debut.

"At the time they only considered aesthetic qualities. I was a very beautiful girl, a little different from the colors and the canon of Italian beauty. But I was not discouraged. I am lucky to have a beautiful body and then I will show that I have other qualities. It took me a lot longer. When you were beautiful they didn't want to know more. But then I earned the esteem, the important roles and above all the love of the people. "

Sandra Milo is the image of commitment and strength. A hymn to women and the courage to be themselves, making the most of their potential and qualities, in a mix of seduction and irony. And this David di Donatello – which he will receive on 11 May during the ceremony conducted by Carlo Conti in prime time on Rai 1 – is not just a (well deserved) career award, but to a great artist in love with love.

Sandra Milo post

Sandra Milo shares on Instagram the joy for the David for the career

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