Dayane Mello, birthday in the House of the GF Vip in style

Dayane Mello, compleanno nella Casa del GF Vip in grande stile

The finalist of the GF Vip celebrated her 32 years with a very elegant dinner with her roommates

A birthday party that he will surely not forget, the one organized by Big Brother Vip for his 32 years. Dayane Mello celebrated the anniversary inside the House, as a finalist of the reality show, after almost six months of staying in the Cinecittà loft.

But if the past few days have been particularly tense, for her and the other roommates, now that the final – and freedom – is approaching, the calm has returned among the competitors. Misunderstandings and rivalries have been put aside and there is a more relaxed atmosphere: the goal is to enjoy as much as possible the last days together of what is an experience that certainly none of them will forget.

And precisely for this reason the production wanted to organize a special party on the occasion of Dayane's birthday: a gala dinner. Long dress for her and Stefania, tuxedo for Tommaso, Pierpaolo and Andrea, in a triumph of elegance and style.

After setting up a round table on the veranda, complete with candelabra and floral decorations, the VIPs indulged in a relaxed dinner, with a particular menu: platter of cold cuts and cheeses, natural fillet – as requested by the celebrated Dayane – mushrooms and potatoes baked. All accompanied by glasses of red wine.

A simple evening, beyond the frills and decorations, in which the competitors were able to dampen the tensions and also dedicate themselves to a cathartic dance to the notes of Radio Gaga by Queen in the garden.

And finally the cake, prepared by surprise by the Big Brother Vip, together with which the inevitable speeches of the birthday girl and her traveling companions arrive. And if Tommaso Zorzi makes use of his usual sarcasm announcing how much in reality he can't stand any of the VIPs anymore and can't wait to say goodbye to them, Stefania Orlando is no less: "It was difficult to bear you but I still toast to the false ! ”He joked.

Dayane, who wanted to make an open heart speech, brought back some seriousness: "This birthday, as you know, is extremely special for me, I will never forget. I am eternally grateful to you that you have been close to me in a hallucinating way. I consider myself very lucky and I want to continue to rejoice in the happiness of others as well. My first piece of cake goes to a woman, to Stefania, ”he said at the time of the toast.

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