Dayane Mello, bullying in La Fazenda: because it’s time to say enough

After the harassment, Dayane Mello was also the victim of some bullying gestures at “La Fazenda”: it would be time to put an end to this situation

Dayane Mello is again the protagonist of a truly unfortunate episode, once again in La Fazenda: the Brazilian reality show proved to be full of pitfalls for her, and only minimally due to her fragility. Perhaps now is the time to say enough, to put an end to a situation that is not good for Dayane and which certainly does not represent an edifying spectacle for all of us.

Dayane Mello, bullism at La Fazenda

It had to be a good experience, after the long adventure in the Big Brother Vip house where his weaknesses had emerged – and where he had experienced the incredible pain for the tragic loss of his brother Lucas. But for Dayane Mello there was really no respite: a competitor of La Fazenda, he had to face very difficult moments. Several weeks ago there had already been a lot of talk about the abuses she had suffered by Nego Do Borel, who had tried in every way to approach her until arriving at behaviors that were configured as real harassment. The singer was then disqualified from the reality show, and in Italy the incident had had enormous resonance.

Following what happened, the Brazilian model had shown great fragility, however she had decided to stay in the game. And now comes a new blow, a real cruelty towards her: in the past few hours she has been bullied by other La Fazenda competitors, who have made fun of her for her teeth, making a cry and imitating a horse (or maybe a donkey). A curtain of disarming sadness, all the more so given what Dayane has had to face in recent weeks, in the same setting as the reality show.

Dayane Mello, it’s time to say enough

The complaint came, immediately, by the model’s staff. With a long message on Instagram, the people who are currently managing her social profiles have launched an appeal: “Bullying is a social phenomenon contrary to the norms and values ​​of society, and Dayane has begun to realize these attitudes. Bullying is not a game, it is not entertainment. Bullying is a crime that causes psychological, physical, moral and emotional damage ”. However, just as happened following the harassment, the staff did nothing but take sides in defense of Mello, without taking further action.

Isn’t it time to put an end to this disastrous experience? We need a strong gesture that can finally allow Dayane to recover her dignity, and this can probably only happen away from the cameras, without being thrown back to the public for audience reasons. No matter how high the penalty for leaving the game is, at this point it is time to take a step back and not leave Mello at the mercy of events yet. Her weaknesses cannot possibly become the scapegoat for terrible acts such as those of which she has been the victim, and if she alone fails to react, someone from the outside should do it, to protect her in this time of difficulty. Words and appeals on Instagram are no longer enough.

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