Dayane Mello, Stefano Sala's message after the farewell to his brother

Dayane Mello, il messaggio di Stefano Sala dopo l’addio al fratello

The message of Stefano Sala, former partner of Dayane Mello, after the death of his brother Lucas and the decision to stay at "GF Vip"

Stefano Sala, former partner of Dayane Mello, published a message after the tragic death of Lucas, the model's brother who died in a car accident. Sala and Dayane lived an intense love story crowned by the birth of their daughter Sofia. After the end of their relationship, the exes continued to have excellent relations and Stefano wanted to show his closeness to Mello in this difficult moment for the competitor of the GF Vip.

“Estou de luto por um amigo”, wrote Sala in the Instagram Stories. A message in Portuguese dedicated to Lucas which means: “I'm crying for a friend”. 26 years old and a very strong bond with his sister Dayane, Lucas Inácio Correia de Mello passed away in a car accident while he was in Brazil. His girlfriend, who survived the crash, was also aboard the car with him. After receiving the terrible news, Dayane has chosen to stay in the House of the GF Vip. According to some rumors, it was the former Stefano Sala who recommended staying in the reality show.

In fact, due to the anti-Covid rules, Mello cannot return to Brazil and if she decides to return home she would have to face quarantine, remaining alone to experience such a difficult and painful grief. Dayane followed her brother's wake during a video call in the confessional. To support her Rosalinda who was called by the director to be next to the model.

"I felt it, because I dreamed it just this night – said Mello -. I dreamed that we were cycling, that we were happy. We lived our moment, we were very happy together. Who knows if his last thought wasn't me […] Last night at three in the morning I dreamed it and it was wonderful because we laughed, we had fun – he added during a long conversation in the confessional -. When I arrived I was taking care of him. I loved him very much because he was the puppy of our house, as a child I changed his diaper ".

Dayane Mello also had the very difficult task of informing her daughter Sofia of the death of her uncle Lucas. "I told her: 'Lucas went to heaven, he had a car accident'", the supermodel told the other tenants of the GF Vip, through tears. Shortly after, she explained that, before learning of Lucas's disappearance, the little girl had made a drawing. "She drew a drawing, there is me and her and above us there is an angel flying. When Stefano and his family saw him they were shocked because she didn't know anything […] It's all connected. We are made of energy, you have to be well, do not think of anything that makes you sad because it is just a passage ”.

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