Death Lady Diana, the truth about why she was in Paris

Death Lady Diana, the truth about why she was in Paris

Lady Diana wanted to go home and in Paris she would have to take a private jet that would take her back to London. This is revealed by the butler Paul Burrell

Lady Diana, life of a princess

Lady Diana died on 31 August 1997 in Paris in a car accident. But why was he in the French capital? The mystery has finally been solved.

A few days earlier the Princess was in fact in the south of France where she was spending a holiday on Dodi Al-Fayed's boat. So why that stage in the Ville Lumière? The real reason for the presence of Lady D in Paris emerged only twenty years after her death. This was revealed by the former royal butler, Paul Burrell, confessing that Diana felt the need to go home.

She had then arrived in Paris to take a private jet that would take her back to London, but she never managed to get on that plane. His life was broken by the terrible crash of the Mercedes on which he traveled with Dodi, under the Alma bridge, of which new details have recently emerged.

In the Amazon Prime documentary of 2017, The Diana Story, Burrell says he asked Diana why he returned to England. The Princess replied that she would return home on Sunday, explaining: "I'm bored. I'm on this boat, it's a cold dog under deck and you die of heat on the bridge. I have to go home ". Then Diana pointed out that the only way to do it was with a Harrods jet, whose owner was Dodi's father.

Lady D then explained to the butler that she would go to Paris because her partner had to do some business on her father's behalf first. At that point Burrell asked her how Dodi was behaving with her. The Princess replied: "He is very spoiled, but very generous to me. He gave me a necklace, some earrings, a watch ”. Al-Fayed also intended to give her a ring and actually bought one for her in those days in Paris.

That ring, after the death of both, was the subject of investigation and speculation for 10 years. Dodi charges for the jewel 11,600 pounds, but Diana's friends have always denied that it was an engagement ring, nor did Lady D intend to marry the tycoon she had known for just six weeks.

The 22nd anniversary of Diana's death will be the reason for a rapprochement between her children, William and Harry, after a year of tensions, caused above all by the arrival at Court of Meghan Markle, wife of the second son.

According to Cosmopolitan sources, the Princes will spend together on August 31, as they always do, recalling some details of their mother who died prematurely. It is highly probable that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle and their children will join them.

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