Death of Prince Philip: Harry's regret and Meghan's guilt

Meghan Markle reveals she lost her second child in a miscarriage

Harry after Filippo's death would be devoured by regrets: to be with Meghan he would have given up on greeting his grandfather one last time

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Harry's regret and Meghan Markle's sense of guilt: the death of Prince Philip has particularly touched the Sussexes who are now dealing with so many thoughts. According to some sources close to the royal family, in fact, at the beginning of March, Diana's second son was recalled to London to say goodbye to his grandfather.

The Queen's consort passed away at the age of 99 a few months after her 100th birthday. Philip had a special relationship not only with Elizabeth II, but also with her grandchildren. He was very attached to William, but above all to Harry, rebellious and charming just like him. The Megxit, however, had driven them away, so much so that Philip was furious after discovering the choice of the Sussexes and the queen's disappointment.

According to the British tabloids, Kate and William would have tried to stop Harry and Meghan Markle's scandal interview with Oprah Winfrey, to preserve the serenity of Philip, already in the hospital. But all their attempts would have been in vain. Not only that: Harry would also have ignored the appeals to return home from his grandmother and other people close to the royal family decided to inform him about the seriousness of his grandfather's condition.

Philip's funeral (which at the behest of the Duke of Edinburgh will not be a state one) will take place on April 17th. The entire Royal Family will participate in the ceremony, including Harry who, devoured by guilt and regrets, would have already taken the first flight to London, determined to stay next to the Queen. There will be no Meghan Markle, who would have chosen to stay in the United States to avoid stress that could be harmful to her second pregnancy.

For the tabloids Harry would have postponed the trip to Britain several times just to stay next to his wife in their home in California. A decision that would have led to very strong consequences. Sources close to the couple in fact describe a Harry "tormented" by regrets and a Meghan who continues to feel guilty for what happened and who, it now seems certain, will not even be present for the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.

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