Deddy and Rosa, behind the farewell after Friends there is another girl

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Behind the farewell between Deddy and Rosa after the end of "Amici" there would be another girl in love with the singer

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Behind the farewell between Deddy and Rosa, which came after the end of Amici, there would be another girl. According to some rumors, after the adventure in the Maria De Filippi show, the singer met a friend of his brother on Instagram. The two would have exchanged some messages and eventually decided to meet.

The behavior of the artist from Amici would have led to the end of the relationship with Rosa. The dancer, after leaving the show, no longer wanted to talk about her love affair with the singer. A strong bond, born behind the scenes of Amici, and very much followed by fans of the show. While Deddy, a guest of Verissimo, had chosen to speak in the past of the relationship, creating many suspicions, Rosa had dodged the questions of her followers on the love story.

After a long silence it was the dancer who spoke about the end of the bond. "The relationship between me and Deddy, despite being born in a context very far from our everyday life, was really important for me – he confessed on Instagram -. After a month, I am here to tell you that the story between us, outside, has not had a new beginning as I would have imagined and hoped for. Perhaps this is also why it took me a little longer to talk about it openly. You know things can go or not, it is part of life and above all it is nobody's fault… I was simply not ready to talk about it publicly yet ”.

No reference to the reasons for the farewell that were instead revealed by some fans on Instagram. The most attentive would also have discovered the identity of the girl who divided Deddy and Rosa, but they have not yet decided to reveal it. In the meantime, the love story between Sangiovanni and Giulia continues. The Amici winner stole the singer's heart and the two couldn't be happier. Nothing to do as well for Aka7even and Martina who are now far away after a troubled bond. Today you have found your smile again next to Raffaele Renda, singer of the school of Maria De Filippi and friend of the artist.

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