Defeating cancer: early diagnosis and molecular oncology

New Germanic Medicine: Is It Effective To Treat Cancer?

AIRC offers detailed information online on 14 special programs to find increasingly effective therapies and early detection methods

Cancer: alarm bells not to be underestimated

There is still much to be done to defeat cancer. And scientific research plays a fundamental role in this struggle. AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research, is well aware of this and now through the website offers detailed information on the 14 special studies funded with this important tool.

The 14 studies are part of two programs that address the all-round cancer issue: the special program of clinical molecular oncology and the special program of early diagnosis and risk assessment of cancer. The goal is precisely to offer increasingly effective therapies and innovative methods of prevention and early diagnosis.

The studies presented on the site have given important results. For example, we find the research conducted by Giovanni Tonon (San Raffaele Hospital in Milan) which has identified a mechanism by which blood cancer cells turn off a sentinel gene, YAP1, which if it remained active would allow the immune system to recognize and kill the "mad" cells or those reached by Alberto Mantovani and his team, at the Humanitas Institute of Rozzano, who understood how it is possible to remove petrol from the tumor by means of a molecule, the pentrassin (PTX3). Or even the studies on cancer stem cells and the identification of drugs against colon and lung cancer.

Great attention is also paid to female cancers with the identification, for example, of new tools for the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer and the mechanisms that lead to the formation of metastases.

As Federico Caligaris Cappio, AIRC Scientific Director explains:

Starting first, the special molecular clinical oncology programs have produced, in the five years of work envisaged by the call, results that exceed all expectations. The majority of the groups involved have developed something important and applicable to patients, some have gone as far as administering therapies to patients as part of initial clinical trials. In order to strengthen what has been discovered up to this point, for 2016 we have approved more than 15 million euros to finance an extension call for program coordinators, to allow them to continue the work, gather further feedback to validate the results, verify that the treatments identified do not produce toxic effects and to confirm their effectiveness even in a larger group of patients, before requesting approvals from the competent authorities.

In the fight against cancer, in addition to research, prevention is very important, adopting healthy lifestyles, exercising, eating consciously, not exposing yourself to the sun without protection. And of course do constant checks.

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