Demi Moore, aged 59, wrinkle-free face with € 7.95 make-up remover cloth

Demi Moore enchants at the Parisian Saint Laurent fashion show. At 59, she shows off with smooth skin and a jumpsuit with a plunging neckline

Demi Moore: life, love, successes and excesses.  And the 3 women who saved her

Demi Moore: life, love, successes and excesses. And the 3 women who saved her

Demi Moore at 59 is the queen of Paris fashion week. In fact, she showed up at the Saint Laurent fashion show with a fantastic look and above all with a wrinkle-free face. Among her secrets for a soft and smooth skin there are the make-up remover cloths that you can also buy online for less than 10 euros, to be precise 7.95 euros on offer.


Bamboo make-up remover cloth

Bamboo make-up remover cloth You can buy make-up remover pads similar to the ones Demi Moore uses online 9,99 EUR −20% 7,95 EUR Buy on Amazon

Demi Moore, wrinkle-free face and perfect cleavage

Demi Moore left everyone breathless wearing a black jumpsuit, ton sur ton pinstripe, with gold buttons for the Parisian show of Saint Laurent. A reinterpretation of the tuxedo with a plunging neckline that revealed a perfect décolleté. Another highly original detail in the actress’s outfit, the electric blue leather gloves that matched the color of her pendant. While to give impetus to the figure she wore high platform sandals that revealed a red pedicure with attention to the smallest details.

The long black hair framed the face with smooth and luminous skin, enhanced by a natural effect make-up, black eye pencil, very long eyelashes, peach-colored blush to sculpt the cheeks and pink lipstick. For Demi Moore, time seems to have stopped, not even a wrinkle on her face.

Demi Moore, the magical make-up remover cloth

Some time ago the actress had unveiled her nighttime beauty routine, revealing an almost maniacal care for the skin. Her beauty philosophy is inspired by this principle: “My skincare routine is generally less is more”.

Demi said she has a very delicate facial epidermis, so to avoid redness and dryness, when removing make-up she uses cloth cloths, which are more delicate on the skin, which are recyclable. You can also find similar online, such as the washable bamboo ones, which cost € 7.95, and the set also includes scrub pads. Demi Moore continues her skincare with other products, ranging from illuminating cleanser to oils rich in vitamins and obviously anti-aging creams, with multiple filling and moisturizing functions.

A treatment that allows you to keep a fresh and young face and to make furrows and wrinkles disappear almost completely, without leaving any trace of the signs of aging on your skin.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore

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