Denim shorts for all: which ones to choose and when it is better not to wear them

Denim shorts for all: which ones to choose and when it is better not to wear them

Denim shorts are as comfortable, practical, sexy and rebellious as we all are. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling good in shorts and tops while walking barefoot on the beach after a cool bath. Let’s see when to wear them and when it would be better to leave them in the closet.

Those with even a glimpse of their buttocks should be banned from school.

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The models frayed beyond belief should only be worn when you are fit. Ok, we make the rules but there are standards of bon ton and education that should be respected.

Where, how and when to wear denim shorts

The ideal context for this young garment, which is available in an infinite number of colors and decorations, is the weekend out of town with friends or with your boyfriend.

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I vintage pocket by Bershka they could be ideal for this especially if worn with a lilac or sky blue top with thin straps and silver accessories. They are on sale on Zalando for 29.99 euros.

The match required is the one with a light shirt tied at the waist if it is more classic shorts and in any case longer than the aforementioned. You can take a cue from the Editors of Topshop (42.99 euros on Asos) for a classic strolling mood.

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Splendid, like all the creations of Ermanno Scervino, the five-pocket shorts, have a light wash, contrasting stitching, are decorated with colored bead embroidery on one of the back pockets and on the front pocket. They cost 790 euros on the official website of the brand. A short black top, a flat sandal (if in doubt, focus on Valentino), diva glasses and chignon will complete the tropezienne look to show off – and then post – for a breakfast in the pastry bar of your favorite location.

A kind of micro jeans should be banned if you are out of shape and therefore, consequently, not very casual in your posture and if you intend to go to places of worship. Yes, it also applies if you are wearing a sweatshirt over it and if you are not a believer.

Of course, the pairing of rubber boots with a high tread sole and denim shorts should be avoided. This unless you work in the world of entertainment or entertainment where there are rules of their own parallel to our daily life. As always, it’s the details that make the difference.

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