Depilation, the new soft techniques for smooth skin

from Ilaria Perrotta

Cleopatra, the first beauty addict in history, was also a pioneer in the field of hair removal. To have silky smooth skin he used a sort of sugar wax similar to the one you do today. The sugaring, in fact, it is a very delicate natural practice that removes the hair without breaking it. A treatment that went all the way after the first, terrible, lockdown. Between booking boom and do-it-yourself, in fact, there are still many women who put very smooth skin on their wishlist to post on social media with a waterfront background.

Revolution is in the “hair”

According to research conducted by Braun with the Eumetra Institute of Social Research and Marketing, 99% of women today choose to shave to feel good about herself. “Compared to 2020, not only the percentage of those who shave has increased at home (76%)confirming a trend that is an effect of the pandemic, but the social perception of hair has also changed: on oneself they still don’t like them, on others, on the other hand, they are accepted “, he explains Giorgia GiappichelliMarketing Director Braun Italy.

“There is still a long way to go on a social level so that showing hair or not becomes a pure expression of our style, but now shaving is more a personal need than an aesthetic pressure”.

In the last few years, thanks to Instagram, something has changed: with more than 60 thousand dedicated posts and illustrious supporters, the #BodyHairPositivity claims freedom of choice on the hair removal issue. «Today we are witnessing a turnaround in the new Gen Z generations. Lourdes Leon Ciccone and Giorgia Solerigirlfriend of Damiano of Måneskin, take sides on social media in favor ofacceptance of female hair, with the idea of ​​challenging beauty standards that require women to shave. Everyone should feel free to choose whether to shave or not, decide on their body without being subjected to judgments or criticisms. Self-respect starts with listening to your needs, regardless of what society expects of us or imposes on us. However, for the over 40s, hair remains a taboo. They are not ready to make the cultural leap, they are used to shaving since they were little girls “, says the psychologist and psychotherapist with certainty. Gabriella Di Cosmo.

Odi et amo

If more and more stars claim the naturalness of the hair, others are championing the “hairless is beautiful”: Kim Kardashan had everything swept away from the body with the laserwhile fans ofepilator with pulsed light it is Victoria Beckham who has long relied on this treatment capable of reducing hair by 92% in just a few sessions.

Eva Longoria also doesn’t want shadows: she chooses the total body hair removal which includes Brazilian waxing, or smooth tout court even where the sun does not shine. Who does not love this practice because it is painful, is Jennifer Lopez. In her travel kit, the razor for last minute touch-ups. The relationship with hair removal, moreover, is ambivalent: «If thinking about the act of hair removal causes mainly negative sensations, at the end you feel free, self-confident and even happier» confirms Giorgia Giappichelli.

Bye-bye peli: what’s new?

Legs, armpits and groin, according to Braun research, are the most treated areas. To remove hair today there are various options. Classic waxing, always in demand, has been upgraded thanks to the Elpilcera protocolcompletely painless, which combines hair removal with a pre and post treatment relaxation ritual, also diversified according to the season.

Pulsed light, which uses a delicate light source to inhibit hair regrowth, and the laser which “allows for a progressive and radical elimination of hair, which affects more than 20 million people,” he explains. Fabio Formisano, founder of Epil Point, an Italian chain specialized in laser hair removal. Thanks to the Summer Method, developed in these centers together with the cosmetic surgeon Dario Martusciello, you can program the laser even in the summer (otherwise not recommended before going to the beach).

At home, in addition to increasingly specialized devices, the razor is still the winner, more attentive to the environment and to the well-being of the skin. He is joined by the depilatory stone composed of glass microparticles that perform a gentle exfoliation, eliminating excess hair.

The reclamation of the “land”

Finally, whether or not you have hair, what are the fundamentals of the beauty routine, especially in summer? «The hair has the function of spreading sweat which, once degraded by bacteria, becomes foul-smelling. Therefore, if you do not shave, hygiene must be even more accurate », specifies the doctor Antonella Parlangelisurgeon specializing in dermatology and venereology.

«The foresight that those who shave must have, on the other hand, is that of avoid ingrown hairs. Therefore, in addition to giving up tight and non-breathable clothes, I recommend that you often do a gommage and to moisturize the depilated parts. On the other hand, those who suffer from folliculitis, once the inflammation has resolved, must move towards laser hair removal, which is more aimed at inhibiting the activity of the hair follicle and, therefore, hair growth “.