Depulvera, the incredible machine that dusts up to 12 books in a minute

Depulvera, the incredible machine that dusts up to 12 books in a minute

Depulvera is a miraculous machine that cleans 5 thousand volumes a day. An Italian product that saves time and makes you healthy

It's called Depulvera and is able to dust up to 12 books in a minute, greatly reducing the time we dedicate to cleaning our libraries. This machine, which is destined to revolutionize the way we dust the bookcases, is an Italian product, made by the company Oracle Srl (to try Effie too, the machine that stretches 12 shirts in three minutes or the FoldiMate that stretches and folds the laundry into a minute)

Depulvera presents itself as a sort of carwash of books which, however, naturally uses neither water nor soap. If running for a whole day it can clean up to 5 thousand volumes, so it is ideal for both home libraries and shops or libraries, so much so that it is currently used by the Boston Public Library.

This machine has many advantages. First, it saves time in cleaning. The books should not be moved, because the machine moves between them, walks along the corridors and lanes.

You earn in health. Being able to quickly remove dust from the volumes, cleaning is done more often. This will prevent allergies and more serious respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Moreover, the books will be preserved better, the house will be more in order.

Oracle has also created other machines to remove dust from books that meet the most varied needs. Like Pulvisina, a smaller machine that dusts in three steps.

This way you will have more time to rest and sleep in the adjustable temperature bed.

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