Desperate Paris: Thinkerbell dead. Condolence on the web

Desperate Paris: Thinkerbell dead. Condolence on the web

The heiress mourns the death of his beloved chihuahua and dedicates an Instagram page to him. Many VIPs express condolences and dedicate thoughts to the dog that has become a legend

Life as a star dog. The celebs who love them as children

Paris Hilton is devastated, a terrible mourning has hit her. After 14 years of honored career and "silent" but faithful presence, the beloved Chihuahua Thinkerbell died. The most socialite heiress on the globe expressed his sadness on social media, Instagram in the first place:

“My heart is broken and I am so sad and devastated. After 14 magnificent years in the company of my puppy, Tinkerbell died of old age. "

And desperate he added:

“I feel like a family member has passed away. He was a special and incredible soul. We've been together for so long that now I can't believe it's gone. I will miss her and I will think of her for the rest of my life. I love you Tinky you are a legend and you will never be forgotten. #RIPTinkerbell ".

Paris has even created a page on Instagram, hashtag "#RIPTinkerbell" to properly honor the memory of the "sweet angel". And many celebs have dedicated thoughts and posts to the dog. Like Georgia May Jagger who writes: “Rest in peace, Thinkerbell. A true star that will never be forgotten ". Or Avril Lavigne who posts a photo with Paris and the dog, with the dida: In memory of the legendary Thinkerbell "

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