Destinations and holiday tips for singles over 50

Destinations and holiday tips for singles over 50

Are you single, over 50 and ready to make new friends? Discover the best trips designed for you!

Who says that to travel you must necessarily be in a couple or in a group? Traveling is a wonderful experience that anyone can choose to do, alone or in company. There is no age limit or rule to the desire to switch off and escape from everyday reality for some time. It is possible to plan a trip somewhere far away, perhaps in an area with paradisiacal beaches and blue sea, but also a few steps from home.

For a single woman over 50, a trip represents not only a moment of leisure, but also the ideal opportunity to enrich herself and open up to new acquaintances. In fact, more and more often in recent years, we hear a lot about trips for singles and, many of which, organized by tour operators specialized in this field. Because in order to feel good and spend quality time, it is not necessary to be in the company of someone. There are many packages designed for single women over 50 who wish to embark on a journey to discover the world, but also about themselves; there are no limits to the desire to fully enjoy life.

If you are a single woman over 50 who still has a lot of enthusiasm and desire to discover the surrounding world, you can opt for an adventurous holiday, but also for a relaxing cruise on the most beautiful sea in Italy. There are numerous possibilities for singles over 50 to go on a long journey, tailor-made for every need.

A vacation for a single woman over 50 represents the ideal time not to have to compromise with any husband or boyfriend, as well as the perfect chance to get in tune with one's mind and body, exploring the soul in depth. But also to constantly test oneself in human relationships and make friendships that can last a lifetime.

We will see together the most popular and loved destinations for women, where it is best to orient yourself once you are over 50 and savor the taste of a holiday designed for your needs.


  • Seaside resorts: the favorite destinations for singles over 50
  • Cruise vacation for singles over 50
  • Not just a week-long holiday, but also a weekend or a trip out of town
  • Holidays for singles over 50: the best villages in the most beautiful seaside resorts in Italy and beyond
  • Many other travel ideas for a holiday for singles over 50

Seaside resorts: the favorite destinations for singles over 50

At the top of the list of favorite destinations for a vacation for single women over 50, we find the seaside resorts. The sea, the beach, the magical atmosphere that is created, but also dances and organized parties will contribute to making the experience truly unique. And don't forget the countless opportunities for socializing that a holiday can offer: a dynamic and fun environment that will help even the most shy!

For a beach holiday for singles over 50, it is very easy to think about a group trip, especially for those who want to be in contact with people who are very similar to themselves, with the same habits and ideas. By choosing the option of organized trips for single women, finding harmony with all the other members of the group will be a real breeze, as well as the certainty of not being in the midst of families with children or couples who love to spend time in intimacy.

Packages that include organized trips for singles over 50 usually offer crazy locations, 5-star accommodation facilities with the aim of ensuring an excellent level of quality. And then, the peace of these places is certainly priceless.

Cruise vacation for singles over 50

Even the idea of ​​a cruise for single women over 50 is always taken into consideration by those who are looking for pure relaxation, fun and the desire to meet new people. The cruise, in fact, offers perfect destinations for the dream vacation for 50-year-old singles: compared to the classic resort, this certainly offers a more dynamic experience, especially because, during the week, it is easy to visit many wonderful places and the chances of dating have literally doubled. The possibility of socialization offered by the ship is therefore enormous. You will be "pampered" by a very professional on-board staff attentive to all your needs; you will be promptly involved in yoga sessions, physical activity, but also exclusive dances and parties. In short, boredom will certainly not take over!

There are many types of cruises: from those that will take you to discover the most beautiful European beaches, including Greece, Spain, Portugal, Croatia; to those that will make you discover paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean and Jamaica.

Suitcase in hand and off you go!

Not just a week-long holiday, but also a weekend or a trip out of town

True, most single women over 50 love to take holidays of at least a week. But it doesn't necessarily have to be like this for everyone: in fact, we have also thought of those who wish to dampen boredom even for a weekend and set out to discover the most beautiful Italian cities.

If you feel you need to go on a trip out of town, you could always think about spending a day in Venice, for example. You will be enchanted by the wonder of the Serenissima, by its ancient streets and by the centuries of art and history it brings with it. Venice is magical! For a greater chance of socializing, we recommend that you leave during patronal feasts or at particular times of the year.

Not only Italy, Switzerland and France also offer the opportunity to visit new and fascinating places.

Holidays for singles over 50: the best villages in the most beautiful seaside resorts in Italy and beyond

The sea almost seems to be an obvious destination for a single over 50 holiday, yet it is the perfect combination of relaxation and fun. There are many packages offered by travel agencies, physical and online, which include dream holiday villages overlooking a crystalline sea. This is precisely the perfect solution for enjoying lots of sun, but also for making new friends: the seaside resorts seem to create an impeccable atmosphere.

Among the most popular destinations, without a doubt, we recommend Puglia and, in particular, the wonderful Salento. This region offers not only a crazy sea, but also kilometers of white beaches, breathtaking sunsets and lots of fun inside the villages. Are you ready to make new friends?

Even Calabria, an authentic and true region, will surely give you a lot of relaxation and the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Choose to spend a week full of history, fun and good food and get lost in the wonderful towns of Scilla, Tropea and Soverato: pearls of our beautiful country.

In the ranking of the best seaside resorts where to spend a holiday as a single over 50, Sardinia could not be missing. The clear and clean water of the sea makes this area a true paradise: Sardinia is all beautiful and choosing the place to spend a week's vacation is really very difficult. One thing is certain, wherever you decide to relax, you will breathe an atmosphere that will certainly not disappoint your expectations: Villasimius, Colostrai, Carbonia, Porto San Paolo and much more.

You will not be surprised to discover that Emilia-Romagna is also one of the favorite destinations for single women over 50. The key word of the Romagna Riviera is certainly fun and the cities that first flock to are Cesena, Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima and Cesenatico. You know, the sea is certainly not Caribbean, but the spirit of Romagna is certainly young and convivial: there will certainly be new acquaintances.

The Marche is still too undervalued: it boasts truly wonderful seaside resorts, long and well-equipped beaches, as well as truly enviable natural beauties. San Benedetto del Tronto and Ancona. And surely Versilia is wonderful with its elegant accommodation facilities, well-kept bathrooms equipped with every comfort: Forte dei Marmi is the flagship.

There are several holiday villages that can be found in all these locations: a beautiful sea, elegant resorts and nightlife just a few steps from home. But if you are ready to venture out without any fear, then we recommend that you book the plane and leave for Sharm El Sheikh, Cuba, Cape Verde, Madagascar and Thailand.

Many other travel ideas for a holiday for singles over 50

If you are not a woman who loves cruising, but not even taking the car or the plane to reach enchanting places, you can still opt for the bus: in fact, there are many those scheduled weekly and which depart from the largest cities and which count with several excursions. It is certainly a very relaxing holiday, especially if you take into consideration the fact that every little thing, down to the smallest detail, has already been thought and organized in the package you choose to buy. We are talking about a way to travel in complete autonomy and which offers the opportunity to meet many, many new people who go on an adventure.

For example, you could consider leaving for a vacation for singles over 50 by bus to Budapest and let yourself be conquered by the architectural beauties of the city: an unparalleled baroque style and the Buda Castle surround the palaces of late nineteenth century. An experience full of magic and unique emotions.

Or, a tour to discover the capital of Catalonia: Barcelona, ​​an enchanting city full of fun. Thanks to its pleasant climate and the natural and architectural beauties it boasts, this city is the favorite destination of millions of tourists. Modernism and avant-garde culture make Barcelona a bewitching city, where it is possible to admire the masterpieces of Gaudi. Don't miss out on a touching travel experience like this!

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