Detox diet? It is actually a hoax

Detox diet? It is actually a hoax

Juices and centrifuges do not purify the body of toxins

Centrifuged drinking, juices and smoothies cleanses our body and frees it of toxins. This is the trend of humans in recent years. If you want to be healthy, thin, awake, lucid, fit and above all purified, you must detoxify yourself. Detox password: detox diet, detox foods, detox life, detox juices.

But the news is that the detox diet is actually a hoax, according to The New York Times. Detox is a widespread practice: celebrities purify themselves, spas offer weeks of detoxification, grocery stores sell expensive juices and in the smoothie and centrifuged bars they are the cool meal. Sophisticated extractors of hundreds of euros, latest generation centrifuges that promise miracles, are everyone's dream. Above all, New Yorkers – obsessed with fresh fruit juices, cold-pressed juices and everything that is blended, squeezed and centrifuged – are victims of detoxification, but the City newspaper reveals that the detox diet is a scam.

What do humans try to remove from their bodies by drinking milkshakes and milkshakes? And what is the scientific basis behind the detox? In the pages of the Big Apple newspaper, Dr. James H. Grendell – gastroenterologist and nutritionist – of Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, NY: "People who follow a detox diet never know which toxin they are trying to get rid of. And he continues: "There are toxins harmful to the body: pesticides, lead, alcohol, drugs and others, for which our body is able to cope very well on its own. In fact kidneys and liver with feces and urine expel most of the toxins.

It is not clear to Grendell how juices can help the detox process, and he concludes: "Juices and centrifuges do not purify the body of toxins", they are not harmful and can help those who are overweight, but from here to eliminate toxins from the organism passes by.

The English newspaper The Guardian also demolishes the detox diet: "The detox diet, all superfoods, smoothies and juices, is actually a scam".

It promises shortcuts, recommends detoxifying miraculous foods: vegetables, fruits and vegetables, among the most popular cauliflower, yogurt and onion, carrots, fennel, artichokes, cucumbers, nettles, broccoli, cabbage, pomegranate and lemon. The detox praises superfoods: chia seeds, bee pollen, akai, bulgur, camu camu and the legendary goji berries, to slow down aging and again, "turmeric and passatine from chickpeas, garlic and millet, ginger and leek , dashi and black rice and abracadabra … detox ". For the more daring, the detox diet recommends the daily practice of the enema, all on trust.

But the only real detox diet – according to The Guardian – is based on proper nutrition and a healthy life, as nutritionist Catherine Collins claims “the truly detoxifying lifestyle is not smoking, exercising and enjoying a healthy and healthy diet. balanced, like the Mediterranean diet ". We Italians are privileged, we have the right detox at home.

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