Detox diet with cucumbers: lose weight quickly

Detox diet with cucumbers: lose weight quickly

Rich in water and pectin, they are valuable allies to say the least

Adding cucumbers to your diet can prove to be a useful strategy for eliminating toxins accumulated in the body and for losing weight quickly. Low in calories, they are made up of more than 96% of water, which makes them special allies for hydration, crucial especially in summer, and for detoxification (water stimulates diuresis, essential for eliminating toxins).

As mentioned above, cucumbers can represent a valid aid for weight loss. The central factor in this case is the low energy intake. Just to give some numbers, remember that just over 100 grams of cucumbers bring 16 calories. The high water content is also very useful in this regard.

Science has repeatedly questioned the effects of low-calorie and water-rich foods on weight. Interesting in this regard is a 2018 study, which involved a team from the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbrücke. The experts in question focused on the relationship between food density and body weight change in adults.

To find information, they analyzed data from 13 studies involving a total of 3,628 people. At follow up, it was possible to find an association between consumption of low food density foods – such as cucumber – and positive results regarding weight loss.

The benefits of cucumbers in the diet also affect other aspects. Among these, it is possible to mention the reduction in blood glucose values ​​(in this case, however, we are talking about results obtained on animal models and following test tube studies). Not to be overlooked is their role in promoting intestinal regularity, another basic aspect when it comes to eliminating toxins.

Cucumbers are considered portentous allies in this regard both because of the aforementioned richness in water, which improves the consistency of the stool and prevents constipation, both for the presence of pectin, soluble fiber that we can also find in apple vinegar and which helps to optimize the efficiency of bowel movements.

Much appreciated due to their delicate flavor, cucumbers have the great advantage of versatility in the kitchen. In fact, they can be eaten raw on their own, added to tasty salads or used to prepare delicious rolls filled with cheese. Before adding them to the diet, it is important to seek advice from your doctor.

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