Detto Fatto, Teresanna: "Victim of cyberbullying, but today I like myself"

Detto Fatto, Teresanna: "Victim of cyberbullying, but today I like myself"

Guest of "Detto Fatto", Teresanna Pugliese talked about her experience with bullying on social media

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Teresanna Pugliese was a guest of the Rai 2 afternoon lounge, Detto Fatto, hosted by Bianca Guaccero. The former tronista of Men and Women, now an influencer, intervened during the episode to talk about his past and send out a positive message.

La Pugliese wanted to tell about her experience with bullying on social media, which Guaccero and her shoulder Elisa D’Ospina often deal with in the Stop Haters column.

"When it happened I was little and we did not know the word cyberbullying at that time, the fact was not recognized and not even defined in any way," revealed the influencer. Teresanna's childhood was not one of the most peaceful: due to economic difficulties, her family was forced to live in a convent for a long time.

"Even if I was not able to know what the inconveniences were, because I did not compare myself with others, it was the others who made me notice what according to the company I was missing," he said.

His childhood and adolescence were marked by a feeling of loneliness and exclusion: "Maybe I couldn't keep up with trends (…) and there was no real teasing, it was a choice of marginalization. I was not involved or invited to birthday parties because maybe I could not buy the gift, or I was not accepted in the groups, in the wall groups because I was not fashionable ".

These episodes have remained etched in the mind of Teresanna, who managed to overcome thanks to the proximity of her mother, always very present. The Pugliese then also told another painful episode in her life, when she fell victim to the phenomenon of bodyshaming, especially during her experience first as a suitor and then as a tronista to Men and Women.

“I was on a TV show, I didn't know what I was going through. I was still very innocent of what people's judgment was, ”said Teresanna. During his adventure in Maria De Filippi's program, the influencer received several comments both on social media and live about her body: "They told me I was big, but my first reaction was one of surprise and I didn't understand why they told me. . At twenty I suffered a little. Now I like myself a lot, but I tell you the truth – he confessed to Bianca Guaccero – I like to eat too much, I have never given up for this prejudice to take hold ".

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