Deva Cassel is always more beautiful: the pride of mother Monica Bellucci

Deva Cassel is always more beautiful: the pride of mother Monica Bellucci

Deva Cassel is more and more beautiful and mother Monica Bellucci does not hide her pride in her daughter

Deva, the beautiful daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Magnetic gaze and raven hair: Deva Cassel, Monica Bellucci's daughter, wins another cover and is crowned "muse of Italian fashion". This was announced by the Italian actress who published a shot on Instagram showing the cover of Elle Francia.

In the shot shown by Bellucci, Deva shows off a Prada look and shows herself, once again, in all her beauty. It is not the first time that Monica's daughter, born from her love for Vincent Cassel, appeared on the cover of the prestigious magazine, already in October 2020, the actress had announced her daughter's debut as a cover girl.

"Another beautiful cover story this week for my Deva," wrote Bellucci who has never hidden that she is very proud of her daughter. In fact, at just 17 years old, Deva is already a very popular top model, star of fashion shoots and Dolce & Gabbana muse. Elegant and mysterious like her mother Monica, she is disputed among stylists and destined for a bright future in the fashion world.

Following her in this adventure is Bellucci, who never leaves her alone and is often on set with her. Often with them there is also Vincent Cassel who is very close to his daughters, Deva and Leonie, born from his love for the Italian actress, married in 1999 in Montecarlo. The love between the two actors came to an end in 2013, but Monica and Vincent remained united for the love of their daughters.

As beautiful as it is reserved, Deva looks a lot like Bellucci, from which she inherited not only beauty, but also charm and elegance. “There are women who are made even without children, but what gives me value are my daughters – confessed the divas some time ago -. And I am here to love them: this love, I am convinced, gives solidity to life. What I especially love is seeing them grow and the idea of ​​accompanying them until they take off. My daughters are the answers to all my questions. It was when they were born, and only when they were born, that I understood my reason for living on this Earth ”.

Deva Cassel

Deva Cassel

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