Diabetes, mouth health at risk: the anti-infection decalogue

Diabetes, mouth health at risk: the anti-infection decalogue

Those who suffer from diabetes also put at risk the health of their mouth, here are some tips

Diabetes, alarm bells: discover the symptoms

Between diabetes and mouth infections there is a strong bond that often sufferers of this disease tend to ignore.

Numerous scientific studies reveal that over the years they have linked oral health with diabetes, which over time can cause ulcers, halitosis, dry mouth, continuous bleeding, but also gum retractions and tooth loss. The complications of the pathology in fact do not only involve the eyes, feet and heart, but also the mouth, which can suffer the worst damage over time.

This is why, as Aiop, the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry, underlines, it is important to implement some small preventive actions to ensure oral hygiene and avoid problems.

"People with diabetes have poor resistance to bacteria and reduced salivation, especially in the absence of good glycemic control," Paolo Vigolo, president of Aiop, recently explained. This makes them more vulnerable to dry mouth, oral infections, mycosis, gum inflammation, periodontitis: conditions that in turn can raise blood sugar levels ".

To help diabetic patients, Aiop has published a set of guidelines with many useful tips. First, it is essential that those suffering from this disease undergo frequent checks, to move their teeth that have caries or periodontitis, replacing them with implants, to ensure good chewing. To avoid fungal infections it is essential to treat oral hygiene to the maximum, often brushing the teeth with a toothbrush and using dental floss.

To improve the reduced production of saliva, drugs can be used to keep the mucous membranes hydrated and improve the level of acidity. Furthermore, those who have a prosthesis should take even more care of the mouth, especially if the device is mobile. Finally it is important to follow a healthy diet, as recommended by your doctor and dentist, to improve mouth health.

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