Diabetes, twice as many people are sick than in the 80s

Diabetes, twice as many people are sick than in the 80s

Diabetes patients doubled over the years: the latest data emerged are alarming, as they show that this pathology is becoming increasingly popular

Diabetes patients have doubled from 2 million to 4 million, from the 80s to today. According to recent statistics, this figure is unfortunately destined to rise, counting 250,000 new diabetes patients every year. In 90% of cases, people suffering from this pathology have type 2 diabetes, that is, the one that arises with advancing age and with incorrect eating habits. Type 1 diabetes, on the other hand, is the one that mainly affects children and young people and cannot be prevented.

According to Dr. Enzo Bonora of the endocrinology department of the University of Verona, to prevent type 2 diabetes it would be enough to maintain a balanced diet and do a few hours of physical activity per week. The food that should be kept under control is pasta, sausages, cheeses, sugars and the use of sweeteners. As for physical activity, however, diabetes patients should walk at least half an hour or three quarters of an hour every day. According to the research carried out, the people most affected by diabetes are those with a medium-low income bracket, especially in the south of Italy. In addition, Bonora claims that most people with diabetes do not know it and therefore cannot cure themselves.

People with this condition should do two tests every day: measure your blood sugar in the morning on an empty stomach and check your blood sugar level. The risk factors for type 2 diabetes are advanced age, family history and being overweight. In addition to these three main factors, environmental pollution, preservatives and dyes present in foods that are able to alter the intestinal bacterial flora and the substances we breathe in the air also contribute negatively. Despite the alarming data, there is good news.

Italy boasts an assistance network, as far as type 2 diabetes is concerned, at the forefront of other countries. Thanks to this effective assistance, it is possible to prevent mortality caused by this pathology. The WHO, in the global report on diabetes, suggested to implement some policies to decrease the people who are exposed to diabetes every year: the price of fruit and vegetables should be decreased, healthier foods should be promoted and product prices increased. very sugary.

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