Diabetic neuropathy: what it is, symptoms to control and how to act

Diabetic neuropathy: what it is, symptoms to control and how to act

This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains what diabetic neuropathy is and the symptoms not to be overlooked

Diabetic neuropathy is a picture that can present itself with many different faces, such as the sensation of tingling in the feet accompanied by lashes of burning pain in the legs, such as the feeling that the stomach refuses to receive food accompanied by a very long digestion, which a normal nutrition, in other cases the sexual life is made problematic and there are those who, passing from the lying position to the standing one, suddenly see everything black and fall to the ground.

What it is and how it manifests itself

This situation is part of the chronic complications of diabetes and can affect various organs and systems. It is important to remember that we can have a peripheral form and an autonomic form.

The first affects the peripheral nerves, particularly those of the lower limbs. The autonomic form, on the other hand, concerns the sympathetic and vagal innervation of the organism and can affect multiple organs.

The most important and severe form of autonomic neuropathy is that which focuses on the cardiovascular system and in the diabetic person can affect the mechanisms of heart and pressure regulation. Autonomic neuropathy can affect the gastrointestinal and urobladder systems.

What to do

The enemy to be controlled is called diabetes. The increase in blood sugar over time and the bets related to the increase in blood glucose can also create this type of problem. Therefore healthy eating, physical activity and any therapies recommended by the specialist are important to control the picture.

Autonomic neuropathy is caused by hyperglycemia which acts through various mechanisms. First, we need to identify the signs of this case. In many men there can be erection problems. Still, gastrointestinal symptoms can occur, the presence of tachycardia is another sign that must make us think. Finally, orthostatic hypotension may appear.

If you have such problems and have been suffering from diabetes for a long time, remember to report them to your doctor.

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