Diana Del Bufalo, it ended with Edo Tavassi: "My guardian angel"

Diana Del Bufalo, it ended with Edo Tavassi: "My guardian angel"

Diana Del Bufalo and Edoardo Tavassi: leave themselves at the time of social media. The actress with a post explains the end of their love: "He was my guardian angel, nothing really ends but now he has to teach elsewhere"

Together they had formed one of the most curious couples of the showbiz: she, Diana Del Bufalo, a talented actress who came out of Amici's nursery and he, Edoardo Tavassi, the lesser-known brother of the gieffina all pepe Guendalina. She, all piano, bon ton dresses and delicate manners, he, hoarse voice and macho beard, apparently "rough" manners but tender heart. And on social media, where they had come out into the open, they delighted fans with ironic and funny posts.

Diana, among other things, back from the ugly disappointment of love with Paolo Ruffini, had found a help in Edoardo, a shoulder to cry on first, and on which to lean on and find shelter, later. And just as they had made themselves known on social networks, on social networks they give news today of their farewell.

Diana does it, more accustomed to the mechanisms of showbiz, who anticipating gossip and conspiracy of various kinds, communicates their separation. And he does it with a long post on Instagram in which he thanks Edoardo for all that has been and will still be ("Love does not end, it transforms") dedicating words full of emotion to him and portraying them as a beautiful and precious soul .

He, from his accounts, still does not respond. Let's hope he has taken it well and does not frustrate Diana's good work in one fell swoop. Sometimes wounded love plays tricks …

I would like to use floating, sugary, graceful and wise words to tell you this, because that's just how I feel about it.
Edoardo for me was a guardian angel, without him I would not have reached my growth and my recovery.
It's like someone sent it to me.
The energetic and spiritual exchange that we have given ourselves is something that goes beyond matter… it is something that is on, I don't know why, but I feel it above.
People never enter their lives randomly, NEVER …
I wouldn't say our story is over, nothing ends. I would rather say that things move, flow and I can say with great certainty that he has become a huge point of reference for me and I for him.
I know that for some of you it seems absurd to leave yourself without a disastrous reason but it also happens that life gives you wonderful teachers and that they then have to teach elsewhere.
We're fine!
He is safe and so am I.
That's what matters ♥ ️

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