Dicing the pills is dangerous, that's why

Dicing the pills is dangerous, that's why

The Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics warns: to divide or break up the pills alters their properties and can be risky.

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The Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (Sigg) underlines how the extremely widespread practice of splitting or chopping pills is to be avoided because it involves risks.

Cutting a pill, chopping it, mixing it with food or ingesting it with other substances alters its structure with the risk of reducing its effectiveness. The division of the tablet in one third of the cases in fact involves the modification of the dosage and may have side effects. Even when using a pill cutter you will get higher or lower doses of around 15% compared to the dose prescribed within the prescribed therapeutic treatment.

The practice of chopping or dividing the tablets is less unusual than you might think, especially among elderly patients, some do it to make the capsules easier to swallow, others to voluntarily change the dosage. A good percentage of patients then mix them with foods to consume them with less difficulty. According to the Sigg survey, these recruitment methods are very common in nursing homes.

Unfortunately, there are pills that can have toxic effects if consumed in doses even slightly different from those prescribed by the therapy. Pure gastroresistant or slow-release tablets should not be broken or crushed, otherwise they will suffer in terms of efficacy and tolerability. attention then to the mix with other substances and with the foods that can involve risks of interactions or unwanted reactions.

For the elderly or people with difficulty swallowing, the advice is to talk about it with the treating doctor and find, where possible, alternatives, such as the formulations in drops, syrups or granules. This avoids the side effects that the division can cause or changes in the dosages that affect the validity of the treatment.

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