“Did you want to become a mother? Your cabbages ". And no, that's not how it should be

“Did you want to become a mother? Your cabbages ". And no, that's not how it should be

The economic crisis, the health emergency and the lack of free time: it is women who pay the consequences of everything

A look at the general situation in the era of a pandemic returns a scenario that is anything but comforting. Other even more terrible ones have been added to the word health emergency, such as the lack of authentic emotions related to pleasure, the loss of numerous jobs and the economic crisis.

But it is the women who pay the greatest price for this situation. This is confirmed by the 2020 report on Poverty and social exclusion in Italy, drawn up by the Italian Caritas of which we have already spoken to you and which returns a series of truly discouraging information. According to recent statistics, in fact, the new poor in Italy are women.

And they are, we are, because it is us who are asked the highest price to pay, such as giving up work and free time for the children. This situation has been perpetuated for centuries, but which has worsened even more in this historical period of health emergency.

Why is it we women who are asked, or rather imposed, to take care of everything, to go out of their way for the family, to give up free time and even work, if necessary, because who takes care of the children? Certainly not the male counterpart.

And this is a reality that generates discontent among all women, and the confirmation came just when, by chance, we read an outburst on the Mammansia Facebook page that made us think a lot and that we report below:

Did you want to have children? Arrange bitch Did you want the bicycle? Now ride! The school is not a parking lot. School is not a right. Do you want to work too? Ask for smart working. You can not? Get fired! You had children to give them to someone else right? You have to stay at home and have your child follow the online lessons. And in the meantime with another pc to work. And cook, clean the house and tidy up. There are no more women than once, always expect comfort. Grandparents? Use them. Don't you have them? Arrange. Using leave you can very well pay your mortgage and bills with 50% of your salary. Do you want to understand that we are in a pandemic and the children at school sitting at the desk with masks, amuchinati and spaced out risk their lives? Instead the supermarket is a safe place. And also the tobacconist. The scientific technical committee says so. You mothers are selfish. Grandparents die if children go to school. You have to keep them at home. You. Give up work. Did you leave VAT? Well then you can work overnight and bill from home. But then what do you want to do the VAT number, woman you have to stay at home to do distance learning. And don't complain that we're in a pandemic. Are children's social relationships close to your heart? Don't you understand that grandparents are dying? What do we care about the social relationships of children and the psychological implications they are undergoing. There is the pandemic. Use the mask and plug that big mouth. Stay at home. Give up work and put on an apron. Donna thinks only of your children. School, sport, friends are not a right. I am one more. It only matters to be alive indoors.

Strong and crude words which, however, in their harshness, give back a terribly truthful picture. Because despite the steps forward, we are still paying for the consequences of the cultural heritage of a male-dominated and patriarchal society that we cannot unhinge and that has decided our fate for too long. Because we are not allowed free time, and sometimes not even work. Because we have to take care of the house and the children, we have to cook and do the shopping, and if it is necessary, and if we are allowed, then we can also work. And the lack of adequate support, on the part of men and of society as a whole, makes it impossible to reconcile commitments. And we are the ones to pay the consequences, today, and future generations, then. Read also

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