Did you wear too much lipstick? Don’t waste it: the secret to a top look

come correggere troppo rossetto

If you put on too much lipstick you can correct this little mistake with a system that will literally change your life!

Putting too much lipstick happens quite often, especially when using it creamy products and we want to get a very intense color.

how to correct too much lipstick


As our mothers and grandmothers have taught us, when we apply too much lipstick or our lips are sticky, the best way to save the day is. remove excesses of make up.

One of the most classic systems ever to obtain this result is the hold a tear of toilet paper between pursed lips for a few seconds.

In this way the excess lipstick “prints” on the paper and is gently removed from the lips.

A second option, certainly more in step with the times, is that of dab the lipstick with a moistened beauty blender sponge and well squeezed. Just like with foundation and concealer, the product adheres perfectly to the sponge and all excesses are eliminated.

Using any of these two techniques, however, the product we have applied in excess is necessarily wasted. How to avoid this waste?

If you have too much lipstick, turn it into a blush (in seconds!)

The total look trend for face make-up always knows a new youth during the summer. The goal of this make up is to use the same color for eyes, cheeks and lips.

blush lipstick


Obviously, unless you buy a series of coordinated products, it is rather difficult to identify three different products that are perfectly identical or well coordinated from the point of view of color.

One of the tricks that are adopted most often is do not use three different products but the same product!

Just choose a creamy product, just like the lipstick stick, and apply it on the eyelids, cheeks and lips as you would with an eyeshadow or a cream blush.

When we use too much lipstick, and have applied a creamy product, it can quickly turn that excess into a blush perfectly coordinated with lip makeup.

To do this it will be enough dab the lipstick with a dense bristle brush (like the one used for the foundation) and apply the product just picked up on the cheeks.

This will create a super coordinated, very fresh and youthful look in very few steps.

The only detail to pay attention to is the size of the brush. Using a brush that is too large for this will end up smudge lipstick beyond the lip contour line.

Much better to use a medium-sized brush and pick up the lipstick by stretching the lips wide open.

In this way it will be possible to tap the brush taking care to avoid the lip contour and the lipstick will remain flawless!

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