Dido, singer: biography and curiosities

Dido, singer: biography and curiosities

Dido is a famous singer of English origin; with her voice she has been able to conquer the public to become a real icon of music

Dido was born on December 25, 1971 in London from the couple "William O'Malley Armstrong" and "Clare Collins". His father, originally from Ireland, was a professional editor and manager while his mother was passionate about poetry. Dido has listened to classical music since childhood. His approach to music occurred at the age of six when he started studying violin and piano. Helping her was also her brother, the future frontman of the band "Faithless". This period of her life was very significant, as clashing with various musical genres allowed the singer to find her way and start her journey, driven by her strong passion for music. Thanks to his brother's numerous musical influences, Dido begins to have multiple experiences in various groups in the role of singer. Become part of some bands including that of his brother, as a second voice. With this group he begins to record the first albums and to produce various material from which he will later extract some demos. Gradually the English singer begins to gain notoriety and is increasingly appreciated by the public. The fascinating voice that characterizes his first demos also stands out. The latter will fascinate the "Artist Records" label with which Dido signs a contract in the United States.

Thanks to this small milestone, Dido starts his singing career and thus begins to devote himself to various musical projects. So the time has come to record the first disc. In 1999 the first album of the singer was released, or "No Angel", of which she herself is producer together with the other members of the band. Inside the album there are important songs, such as "Thank you" which served as the soundtrack to the film "Sliding Doors", while "Here With Me" was the theme song of the American TV show "Roswell". Dido then begins to devote himself to his first tours. Despite this important musical experience, the singer is not particularly successful. The singles are not released and only the video of the song "Here with Me" is made. Even the latter is not particularly successful. The album therefore remains quite in the shadows. The real turning point within Dido's career occurred in 2001 when he worked alongside the well-known rapper Eminem for the famous song "Stan" which proved to be a real launch towards success. "No Angel" is released again: unexpectedly climbs the heights of the charts until it becomes a perfect blockbuster.

It will later be classified as the "second best-selling album" in England. The same goes for the singles "Thank you" and "Here with Me" for which two new video clips are made. The songs quickly gained enormous fame to climb the heights of the international charts. The singer reaches a great worldwide fame and receives numerous appreciations. In fact, she was the winner of the "MTV Europe Music Awards" as "best emerging artist". He also won two "Brit Awards" as "best female artist", as well as best English album. There are also three "World Music Awards". This success brings further musical projects and collaborations into Dido's career, with artists such as "Carlos Santana" and Britney Spears. Following the success achieved with the album "No Angel", the singer focuses on new work projects with the aim of meeting the expectations of her fans. He then moved to an isolated house and dedicated himself to the production of his second masterpiece. The latter was published in 2003, entitled "Life for Rent". The compositions appear immediately lighter, but at the same time nostalgic and gloomy, typical peculiarity of his style.

"White Flag" is the first song extracted from the album and its text is strongly melancholic, it immediately fascinates the fans and reaches the top positions of the world charts. The singer Dido then becomes a real queen of pop. In addition, the disc also receives numerous appreciations. Subsequently, the third album "Safe Trip Home" was released in 2008, which however did not achieve the same results as previous works. The following year the singer claimed to devote herself to the production of some songs to make the fourth disc, alongside her brother. At the same time he also stated that he is expecting a baby from his partner. Therefore, the artist was unable to participate in the celebration for the delivery of the Oscars for which she was nominated with the song "If I Rise!". In addition, he is unable to complete the processing of the disc within the period established due to pregnancy. During her career, in addition to being a singer, Dido has also been the author of numerous songs, including "Not Yet a Woman", "I'm Not a Girl" sung by pop star "Britney Spears" for the soundtrack of the film "Crossroads – The roads of life". He has also collaborated on the production of various songs with numerous important personalities from the music scene, such as "Feels Like Fire" with Carlos Santana. The musical project with the group "Faithless" did not go unnoticed with which it achieved further success. However, among the most important collaborations there is that of "Stan", alongside Eminem. The singer is married to "Rohan Gavin". From their marriage was born the son called "Stanley".

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