Diego Abatantuono got married: secret wedding with Giulia Begnotti

Diego Abatantuono got married: secret wedding with Giulia Begnotti

Diego Abatantuono married his partner Giulia Begnotti after 33 years: the actor's secret wedding

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Diego Abatantuono got married to Giulia Begnotti, a long-time partner with him for 33 years. The wedding, as revealed by the weekly Oggi, was celebrated in great secrecy and away from the spotlight. The wedding was announced by Abatantuono who, during an interview to present the film 10 days with Santa Claus, talked about the relationship with his partner.

When the journalist asked him why he had never married, the actor replied: “Giulia and I got married. Excuse me if I didn't communicate it to you personally ". Always alongside Abatantuono, Giulia Begnotti had two children with the actor: Matteo and Marco. The first was born in 1995 and bears the name of his grandfather: Matteo Abatantuono. A shoemaker, he emigrated from Puglia to Milan where he found love, marrying Rosa, an employee of the Derby, a club that would later make his son's fortune. The second child of the couple arrived in 1997. Diego and Giulia have always lived their love away from the spotlight, protecting it from gossip.

The actor has another daughter, Marta, who arrived in 1985 and is the result of love for Rita Rabassini with whom he was married from 1984 to 1987. The eldest daughter of Abatantuono in 2014 married Matteo Saccocci with whom she had two girls, making the artist grandfather. The third grandson of the actor will arrive in the spring of 2021 and, as has been announced, will be called Michelangelo. Diego Abatantuono's first wife today is instead linked to Gabriele Salvatores, director and great friend of the actor. The two have often worked together, also making the cult film Mediterraneo. "We have been friends for thirty years – he told Io Donna -. When I left home to be with Giulia, and he became my ex-wife's partner, he was very present with my daughter Marta.When Rita and I broke up, I thought: let's hope he doesn't get attached to a hauler from the East to bring my daughter who knows where … Selfishly, having made many films with Salvatores, it was convenient that Rita, coming to the set to visit him, also brought Marta. The important thing in life is always the ending. We talk little about this story because the newspapers talked about it too much when it happened. For years, I've read that Gabriele stole my wife. But people don't steal like things ”.

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