Diet 4 + 1: how it works and how much you lose weight

Diet 4 + 1: how it works and how much you lose weight

Rosanna Lambertucci's 4 + 1 diet allows you to lose weight consistently and lastingly thanks to a detox, vegan and vegetarian regime

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It is called the 4 + 1 diet, the slimming regime conceived by Rosanna Lambertucci, which aims to purify the body and promote a constant weight loss.

According to the wellness expert, diets often fail because we do not deal with them properly. If our body is not cleansed the organs are fatigued. The solution is to eliminate excess toxins through a detox program that also guarantees excellent weight loss without suffering the hated yo-yo effect.

How does the 4 + 1 diet work? It is a diet that combines vegan and vegetarian diet. It lasts a month, during which three 10-day cycles are faced each. The three phases to lose weight are called: Purification, Reintegration, Recovery. Each phase is divided into two cycles, each consisting of 4 days of vegetarian and one of vegan diets.

Once the third phase is finished, those who also consume meat and fish can reintroduce lean proteins into their diet. But that's not all, because the 4 + 1 diet builds its daily menus creating a perfect balance between alkaline and acidifying foods. Each meal must in fact consist of four foods that are part of the first category and a food that is part of the second. Among the alkaline foods we find fruit and vegetables, while the acidifying foods to be consumed in the 4 + 1 diet are eggs, cereals, cheeses, legumes, coffee and wine.

The diet devised by Rosanna Lambertucci does not set limits for the consumption of fruit and vegetables, advising to bring at least five portions a day to the table. You can eat up to 80 grams of pasta or rice every day, while 50 grams are used for bread. Legumes can be tasted three times a week instead of pasta, the same is true for potatoes, to be cooked twice a week.

The 4 + 1 diet is predominantly vegan and vegetarian. However, proteins can be consumed at the end of the slimming cycle. In this case the expert recommends eating meat at most twice a week, while the fish also has four.

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