Diet after the age of 60, the foods that make you lose weight

Diet after the age of 60, the foods that make you lose weight

According to research, the perfect diet for the elderly is the Mediterranean one (but with some changes)

Over the years, staying in shape and losing the extra pounds becomes difficult. The metabolism is not the same as the twenty years, but not even the thirty or forty, and here is to take care (even more) of the diet becomes fundamental.

To avoid accumulating fat and centimeters, with all the pathologies that can follow, experts advise reducing the caloric quantity of their diet. A diet that, in any case, will have to follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet. According to new research conducted by an American university, this regime proves particularly healthy especially for the elderly: comparing populations with very different eating habits, it emerged that those who followed a Mediterranean diet were less prone to pain, disability and depression.

But not only: after the age of 60, it is also essential to avoid the accumulation of weight. What to bet on, then? On extra virgin olive oil, fruit, vegetables, cereals, walnuts. From 65 to 74 years, men should take 1900 calories per day and women 1600, after 74 years 1700 and 1400. Every day you can bring carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice and other cereals) to the table, in portions not excessive: 70 grams for women and 80 for men before 65, 60 and 70 grams for 65 and 80, 60 and 50 grams for over-80s. On the protein front, it is better to favor vegetable ones (deriving for example from legumes) than meat and fish: turkey, chicken or rabbit are allowed three times a week, two eggs, red meats, cold cuts and only one cheese.

It is fundamental to drink a lot of water (at least two liters a day for women and two and a half for men) and to limit the desserts by a great deal, perhaps consuming only a slice of cake for breakfast every now and then. When we become elderly, in fact, it is essential to prevent the onset of diseases that involve a cardiac risk (such as high cholesterol) and diabetes as well: it will therefore be necessary to prefer a light diet, with little fat, and that – as a condiment – prefer extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, lemon, spices and aromatic herbs.

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