Diet against dysentery: allowed and prohibited foods

Diet against dysentery: allowed and prohibited foods

Dysentery is fought first of all at the table: here is the right diet to get better, with the foods allowed and those forbidden

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Among the symptoms of intestinal flu is dysentery, a problem that affects many people both in summer and winter.

How should we behave when we are forced to run to the bathroom three or four times a day? First, it is important to contact your doctor, after which you will need to follow the right diet. In fact, when suffering from dysentery there are foods that are allowed at the table and others that are strictly prohibited.

First of all, it is fundamental to know that dysentery involves a huge loss of mineral and liquid salts by the body, which must be reintegrated to regain energy. For this reason, when the first signs of diarrhea occur, try to drink a lot of water, but also tea, herbal tea, juice, centrifuge. At the table, never miss the broth, a true concentrate of health and a food-medicine, useful against seasonal ailments.

To calm the intestines and relax the muscles, prepare a chamomile, accompanied by the juice of a lemon, which has an astringent effect. What to eat? Leave whole, over-seasoned or spicy foods aside, preferring simple preparations based on rice, bread, pasta or potatoes. No also to caffeine, which increases intestinal motility and alcohol, which could aggravate inflammation. Also pay attention to dairy products which, if taken when suffering from dysentery, can make the problem worse. An exception is Parmesan, which is a good source of mineral salts and proteins.

Finally, raw vegetables and those richer in fiber are limited, which increase intestinal motility, with obvious consequences. At lunch, opt for the classic white rice, seasoned with a little oil or some boiled potatoes, while at dinner bet on steamed chicken accompanied by carrots. As a snack, prefer fruit, in particular bananas and apples, or rusks with a cup of hot chamomile.

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