Diet against headaches: foods to avoid and those allowed

Stress obscures the mind and reduces memory as early as 40 years

We reveal the diet to fight headaches, choosing the right foods and avoiding those that cause migraines

Do you suffer from a headache? Here are 5 foods that are best avoided

Headaches are closely related to our diet. If we suffer from this problem we should avoid certain foods and prefer others.

The lifestyle and what we eat every day strongly affects our state of health and also the onset of migraine. What are the foods that cause headaches? Scientific studies have identified a key role in tyramine, which causes the release of norepinephrine, increasing heart rate and blood pressure.

This substance is found above all in cheeses, in particular in cheddar, in Emmenthal, in grana and in pecorino. It is also eaten using yeast and various vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and spinach. Unbelievable, but true, fruit can also cause headaches. Among the richer tyramine we find grapes, dried fruit, plums, figs and avocado.

Tyramine is also present in alcoholic beverages, and it is no coincidence that migraine is one of the typical symptoms of drunkenness. Not only: wine and beer are vasodilators, so it is always better to accompany alcohol to water, to try to limit its effects. The anti-migraine diet excludes herring and fish rich in free histidine, such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and dolphin fish. In general the fish should always be eaten fresh and in a short time, to avoid the mackerel syndrome which has a headache among its symptoms.

And the chocolate? This food is rich in antioxidants, so it should not be avoided. Rather limited to white and milk, preferring bitter cocoa. The same can be said for coffee. Try to always limit the quantities and do not overdo it. In fact, in subjects who take a lot of it every day a sudden suspension can cause severe headache.

Among the best remedies against headache there is undoubtedly water. Drink at least two liters a day and try to include rich foods in your diet, such as soups, herbal teas, velvety creams, vegetable creams and fruit smoothies. Finally, to flavor your dishes with spices, which have a detoxifying power and improve pressure.

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