Diet before sleeping: what to eat so as not to put on weight

Diet before sleeping: what to eat so as not to put on weight

For a late-night snack it is good not to overdo the calories: here are the most recommended foods for not taking pounds

You often find yourself having to deal with a hunger just before going to bed, but never as in this case it is necessary not to give in to temptations. So what are the foods we can consume even late in the evening?

Exaggerating with calories just before going to sleep is wrong: in fact, during the night it will be very difficult to burn them, and it is therefore recommended to stay light. Ice creams, sweets and chips are banned, which in addition to turning into extra pounds are also difficult to digest. The same goes for alcohol and beer, which risk swelling, while bread is made up of carbohydrates that make you fat.

Among the recommended foods there are olives and avocados: in addition to being light, these foods have relaxing properties and also manage to combine sleep. Even a fruit or a home-made fruit salad will be fine, as long as they are not consumed in large quantities: they are light and easily digestible. For the same reasons we also recommend vegetables, especially those with narrow leaves or courgettes. In all cases they will not be excessively seasoned, and consumed in normal portions. Green light also for sesame and sunflower seeds, which can be combined with some types of salad.

If yours is not a mere peckish, but you find yourself having to dine very late for work reasons, we recommend pasta and rice. In fact, these foods have a low amount of sugar, and prevent insulin from reaching too high peaks during the night. At the same time they sate a lot, and there is no risk of waking up suddenly because you are still hungry. Even an egg, being composed of easily digestible proteins, could be a valid alternative, especially if prepared soft-boiled. If you are still not full, you can add a boiled potato, which contains carbohydrates and also has sedative properties.

The best allies are still the relaxing herbs: thyme, basil, sage and parsley can be consumed by preparing infusions or even as an accompaniment to some of the dishes we have already mentioned. By following these indications you will be able to fight the pangs of hunger without too many problems for your line … and for your sleep!

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