Diet ChangeOne, reduce bad calories and lose weight

Based on food indications from the US Department of Agriculture, this diet does not banish any food

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The ChangeOne diet is a diet that allows you to lose weight starting from the reduction of bad calories.

The goal of this process is to provide an alternative to gradually and permanently lose weight. The creators of the diet are John Hastings, senior editor of Reader's Digest magazine and health expert, wellness journalist Peter Jaret and nutritionist Mindy Hermann.

The main guidelines of the ChangeOne diet take as a point of reference the food indications provided by the United States Department of Agriculture. Among the main suggestions in this regard it is possible to remember the moderation in the portions, but also the fact of choosing foods of vegetable origin as the basis of the daily diet.

When talking about the ChangeOne diet it is also necessary to highlight the emphasis on lifestyle change. Those who decide to follow this diet are guided step by step starting from the administration of a quiz aimed at assessing the propensity to improve their relationship with food.

Going further into detail, we remind you that the daily energy intake is between 1,300 and 1,600 calories. The scheme of the diet predicts that 30/35% of the calories taken each day come from lipids. In this regard it is very important to control the intake of saturated fats, making sure that they do not exceed 10% of daily calories.

The ChangeOne diet guidelines also suggest the daily intake of at least 25 grams of fiber. Not to be forgotten is also the intake of calcium, which should not be less than 1,000 mg a day. As already mentioned, this diet places the accent on the consumption of fruit and vegetables, recommending the consumption of five portions a day.

Appreciated for its flexibility regarding caloric intake – it can be freely spaced taking into account the quantities mentioned in the previous lines – it does not banish any food. According to the creators of ChangeOne, food restrictions are harmful as they cause an increase in appetite. In light of this, no food is prohibited. Everything is based on the common sense of those who follow the diet, which must moderate the size of the portions it puts on the plate.

Another aspect that is worth mentioning concerns the advice to eat slowly, so as to increase the pleasure resulting from the intake of certain foods and to be able to get a clear idea of ​​one's level of hunger. We conclude by recalling that the scheme allows the consumption of alcohol – a glass of wine or beer a day – and that the diet should only be started after consulting your doctor.

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