Diet during lunch break, you lose weight in two weeks: the nutritionist's advice

Diet during lunch break, you lose weight in two weeks: the nutritionist's advice

Interview with Dr. Francesco Confalonieri, sports doctor, who tells us what to eat at lunch to lose weight and avoid mistakes

Get back into shape at lunch break: 2 week program

Keeping fit, disposing of the excesses of the summer without too many sacrifices but being careful to properly exploit the lunch break is the goal of the first months of autumn.

In this regard, Gourmet Italia, a company of the Dr. Schär Group, specialized in the production of frozen ready meals, with the support of Francesco Confalonieri, sports doctor, specialist in dietetics, food supplementation and training methodology at the Centro Medico Santagostino, proposes a program two weeks that combines specific workouts with dishes that can commonly be consumed during lunch breaks.

In particular we asked Dr. Confalonieri to explain to us how it is possible to avoid the accumulation of fat, what we have to eat during lunch to avoid weight gain and how we can prepare our body for winter.

You propose a two week remise en form, after which what should you do to keep the line?
In principle, maintaining the same habits both as a diet and as a training, gradually increasing the quantity and quality of the training and giving us more variations and defects in the food plan.

What diet do you recommend to prepare your body for winter?
It could be useful to replace the raw vegetables of the evening with a soup or a past and increase the share of the protein dish expected at dinner.

Losing weight is often difficult, what should absolutely be eliminated from your lunch break?
At lunchtime we should eliminate fats and introduce a reduced amount of protein.

Instead what should never fail for a healthy lunch?
The right amount of carbohydrates or cereals (pasta, rice, spelled, barley) ideally accompanied with cooked vegetables.

If there is only time for a sandwich at lunch, how can you fix it for dinner?
It would be better to avoid having lunch with a sandwich. We prefer a meal based on carbohydrates and cereals. In any case, the dinner should be predominantly protein.

How much water do you need to drink to cleanse your body?
The amount of water we have to drink varies according to the individual characteristics and the water we introduce with food. In general it is sufficient to introduce 1 liter – 1 liter and a half of water.

Can you tell us about belly-deflated foods?
There are no belly-deflated foods. Instead, there are foods or nutrients to which we are sensitive or intolerant and which can cause meteorism and other intestinal disorders.

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