Diet for waist and abs: the best foods to tone up and lose weight

Diet for waist and abs: the best foods to tone up and lose weight

If you aim to show off a toned abdomen, attention to nutrition is essential

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Having toned abs and a perfect waistline is the desire of many people. Also not to be forgotten is the fact that, when it comes to combating abdominal fat, there is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular health. Fortunately, if you aim to achieve the aforementioned goals, you can help yourself with nutrition.

What are the foods that are best to include in a diet aimed at defining the waistline? In the foreground we undoubtedly find fruit and vegetables. Low-calorie and rich in valuable nutrients – e.g. vitamins, antioxidants and fiber – can help tremendously in weight loss and improved waist condition.

Science has repeatedly investigated their benefits in this regard. Among the research works to be mentioned, we find a review of 10 studies carried out by an active team at the University of Sydney. The experts in question have found that the intake of at least four daily portions of vegetables can have positive repercussions on the waist circumference of women.

Continuing with the list of foods that should be included in a diet for defined abdominals, a proper mention must be made of nuts (and dried fruit in general). The intake of these foods is the perfect answer for those looking for an optimal balance between fiber, protein and healthy fats.

Even in this juncture, science has highlighted various concrete evidence of the effectiveness of reducing the waistline and improving the muscle tone of the abdominals. Worthy of note in this regard is a study published in 2015 and conducted by an active team at Pennsylvania State University.

At the follow up, the experts were able to discover that the intake of about 43 grams per day of almonds has concrete effects on the reduction of central adiposity (results obtained on a sample of 48 individuals). There is still a long way to go in listing the foods that should be included in a waistline diet. Not to be forgotten are also legumes, notoriously rich in proteins. These nutrients, scientific data in hand, are linked to concrete improvements in body composition and decrease in abdominal fat.

At this point, it is natural to ask what are the foods to avoid if you aim to show off a perfect waistline. The list includes sugary drinks, but also fried foods, alcohol and sources of refined grains, which are less rich in fiber than whole grains.

We conclude by pointing out that, for precise indications on what to eat to get toned abs, the reference point is the trusted doctor.

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