Diet in three steps to lose weight immediately

Diet in three steps to lose weight immediately

Starting from the reduction of carbohydrates and starches and making proteins, excellent results can be obtained in a short time

Losing weight quickly is the dream of many people who need to get back in shape. To achieve this, you need to find your way among numerous programs aimed at weight loss. The proposals are certainly not lacking! However, not all of them are effective.

Diets characterized by a low carbohydrate content are among the approaches that can bring concrete effects. Thanks to these food patterns, it is possible to act on three fronts: the reduction of the sense of hunger, weight loss, the optimization of metabolic health.

The effects of the decrease in carbohydrate and starch intake have been the focus of scientific attention several times. Among the studies that have deepened them, it is possible to mention a research work of 2012, the details of which have been published on the pages of the journal Obesity.

The experts who carried it forward recruited a sample of 119 overweight individuals, with the aim of studying the effects of weight loss diets on mood, appetite level and other self-reported symptoms (eg insomnia and stomach problems) . At follow-up, the low-carbohydrate diet proved more effective than the low-fat diet in reducing hunger.

When talking about dietary patterns with ketogenic characteristics it is necessary to remember that these diets cause a decrease in insulin levels, causing the loss of sodium and, consequently, that of excess liquids.

The next step to reducing carbohydrates involves making room for proteins, good fats and vegetables. The former, as demonstrated by several studies, favor energy expenditure and increase satiety.

In a 2005 study published in the pages of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the increase in protein intake was associated, in 19 subjects, with a consumption of about 440 fewer calories per day.

As mentioned above, the intake of vegetables is also crucial, better if not starchy. In this category it is possible to consider tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccoli, spinach, chard and lettuce. As far as healthy fats are concerned, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and avocado stand out among the main sources.

Let's now talk about the third step, which involves physical activity. To lose weight quickly, it is important to associate a specific workout with weight reduction. Dedicating to this workout three times a week – obviously with loads suitable for your physical abilities – allows you to burn calories and prevent the slowing down of the metabolism, often the consequence of weight loss.

We conclude by pointing out that, before changing your habits by referring to the advice mentioned above, you should consult your doctor and follow all his indications relating to both diet and training.

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